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The Roundup for July 23nd, 2014

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Hey folks, it’s a Wednesday today. Hope the day went well for you!

International Politics


– After reporting their offices in Gaza were targeted by the Israel Defense Force, Al-Jazeera journalists and staff evacuated

– The UN launched an investigation into human rights violations in the Gaza Strip by Israel and thinks the country committed war crimes

– The Obama administration wants Congress to push forward a bill providing $225 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome system

– Journalists Ken Klippenstein and Paul Gottinger discover weapons used on civilians in Gaza by Israel were from the U.S.

– A separatist commander confirmed rebels have a missile system the West claims was used to bring down MH17

– Emptywheel: “You’re Doing Counter-Propaganda Wrong, Hand-Picked Journos Edition

Middle East

– Sarit Michaeli, an Israeli human rights spokesperson, talks to The Real News on attacks against civilians in Palestine

– Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Baghdad, Iraq that killed 33 people

– Professor Deepa Kumar explains the resistance to the framing on Gaza by Israeli propagandists

More than one million Iraqis fled from violence to the Kurdish region in the north

– Hamas states they would not agree to a truce if the blockade on Gaza is not lifted

– Today, more than 50 Palestinians were killed and thousands were left homeless as a result of Israel’s missile fire

– After Iran recommended Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki step down, al-Maliki refused


– As a result of two suicide bombs, at least 82 people were killed in Nigeria

Asia and Oceania

– In northern Pakistan, refugees face major issues including respect and needs such as water

More than 40 people were killed in Taiwan when a plane crashed during a failed emergency landing


– Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine

Surveillance Planet

– A new law in Russia would collect all information and data of Russian users to stop Internet criticism of the government

Financial Matters

– Part two of three with Faizel Ismail on the significance of “global value chains” or few major conglomerates in international trade

– This year, Americans are being careful with their spending as they strategically decide what is important

– Gallup: 14 percent of Americans say they would be okay if businesses did not hire smokers. In addition, 12 percent would be fine if businesses did not hire overweight individuals.

– General Motors continues its recalls for this year with six more safety recalls

– The International Monetary Fund stated U.S. growth would probably be at its weakest since the Great Recession

It is not good news to learn money from the Koch Brothers is more secretive and goes into more places than previously thought

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Journalist Michelle Chen questions the decision for the 2022 World Cup being hosted in Qatar

– Sarah Jaffe: “Silicon Valley’s gig economy is not the future of work – it’s driving down wages

– Workers in Atlantic City, N.J., are worried about their job security as casinos are losing more money and closing

Politics US

Washington USA

– P.K. Winsome (Tim Meadows) jokes with Stephen Colbert on his new plans to impeach President Obama through his latest scheme

– Despite the open enrollment period for Obamacare ending, over 1 million transactions were made for health insurance; In addition, a study found over 10 million obtained insurance as a result of ACA

– Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): “There is no wiggle room. I am not running for president. No means no.

Anytown USA

– Glen Ford discusses on The Real News the failure of the de Blasio administration through appointing William Bratton as NYPD Commissioner, and the death of Eric Garner

– Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reports on the abuse of power police officers use when stopping civilians in their cars and taking their money or calling them a criminal/drug addict/other.

– An inmate was executed in Arizona. It took two hours for him to be officially declared dead.

– NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton does not believe the death of Eric Garner was caused by race

We Don’t Need No Education

A new study found correlation between segregation in education and allegiance to Tea Party-like ideals

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– For non-professional athletes, sports drinks and energy bars do not provide the nutrition claimed

The Second Sex

– In Texas, there was a growth of 3,000 percent of women living over 200 miles from an abortion clinic

– In Garfield High School, a 15-year-old girl was raped and school administrators abandoned her case

Planet Earth

– Worried about the dangers of crude oil by trains? Well one proposal for these time bombs is to have only one crew member for the entire train.

– The Department of Transportation proposed new rules to increase the standard of oil-by-train; I’m cautious as seeing this as a victory

Mixed Bag

41 percent of Americans prefer the taste of beer, which is higher than those who prefer wine or liquor

– Which country sends the most spam worldwide? The United States.

– New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

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