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International Politics


– Journalist Alex Kane explains four ways the U.S. is a part of Israel’s crimes in Gaza

– After the UN recommended a ceasefire to stop the violence in Gaza, Israel rejected it; Ban Ki-Moon, UN chief, still called for fighting to stop

– U.S. intelligence asserts pro-Russian rebels mistook MH17 as a plane of Kiev government and the blame lies with Russia

– Journalist Tariq Ali explains the Israeli lobby in Western countries, the resistance in certain places and how the situation in Gaza is playing out

Middle East

– The assault on Gaza by Israel is occurring without major international pressure against it and Israel is not held accountable for its crimes

– Rania Khalek: “Israel’s Iron Dome doesn’t cover Bedouins

– Journalists Nalan al-Sarraj and Yousef al-Helou explain to The Real News how Palestinians are coping so far as Israel’s invasion continues; Palestinians writers, for instance, cope by writing

– Meanwhile, Hamas offered a truce that no one in Western media bothered reporting

– Dave Zirin: “Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza

– Some towns in Israel had businesses close down to protest the actions of Israel in Gaza

– Hospitals in Gaza also face the issue of electricity outages as bombs have affected the electrical infrastructure

– In Baghdad, Iraq, a suicide car bomber killed 21 people, on their way to a Shia shrine, and injured 13

Asia and Oceania

– In China, a city was closed off after a man died of the bubonic plague and others were quarantined

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.