health care ACA single payer obamacareWith over half a year since the exchanges opened the American people have gotten plenty of time to judge the new health care law based on real world experiences and they continue to dislike it.

Only 40 percent favor the Affordable Care Act according to a new CNN/ORC poll, while 59 percent oppose it. This level of opposition has been basically unchanged for the past year and there is no reason to expect support to improve by November.

Some Democrats take solace in the fact that only 38 percent oppose the law for being too liberal while 17 percent oppose the law for not being liberal enough, so at least there isn’t popular support for the Republicans’ position either. Of course this still means one of the few big Democratic achievements in recent years is a huge disappoint to many of their potential voters. That is also a real problem in midterm elections where victory often depends on who turns out.

At 17 percent, opposition to the law for not being liberal enough is now the highest it has ever been in a CNN poll. This might just be basic fluctuation within the margin of error or an early sign that more left leaning people are starting to see some real practical flaws in the program.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

Jane is the founder of Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She’s the author of the best selling book Killer Instinct and has produced such films Natural Born Killers and Permanent Midnight. She lives in Washington DC.
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