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The Roundup for July 22nd, 2014

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International Politics


– Journalist Alex Kane explains four ways the U.S. is a part of Israel’s crimes in Gaza

– After the UN recommended a ceasefire to stop the violence in Gaza, Israel rejected it; Ban Ki-Moon, UN chief, still called for fighting to stop

– U.S. intelligence asserts pro-Russian rebels mistook MH17 as a plane of Kiev government and the blame lies with Russia

– Journalist Tariq Ali explains the Israeli lobby in Western countries, the resistance in certain places and how the situation in Gaza is playing out

Middle East

– The assault on Gaza by Israel is occurring without major international pressure against it and Israel is not held accountable for its crimes

– Rania Khalek: “Israel’s Iron Dome doesn’t cover Bedouins

– Journalists Nalan al-Sarraj and Yousef al-Helou explain to The Real News how Palestinians are coping so far as Israel’s invasion continues; Palestinians writers, for instance, cope by writing

– Meanwhile, Hamas offered a truce that no one in Western media bothered reporting

– Dave Zirin: “Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza

– Some towns in Israel had businesses close down to protest the actions of Israel in Gaza

– Hospitals in Gaza also face the issue of electricity outages as bombs have affected the electrical infrastructure

– In Baghdad, Iraq, a suicide car bomber killed 21 people, on their way to a Shia shrine, and injured 13

Asia and Oceania

– In China, a city was closed off after a man died of the bubonic plague and others were quarantined


– Turkey evacuated 51 people from the Gaza Strip, which include some Turkish citizens

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Latin America is looking towards other countries such as China or Russia to become stable, which the Global North certainly is not in favor of

Surveillance Planet

– Both the U.S. and Germany will be holding talks about policies regarding spying after recent scandals involving U.S. agents

– A federal judge ruled Google to face a lawsuit where it gave away user data to advertisers without consent

Financial Matters

– It has been four years since the Dodd-Frank reform bill was passed and it still has not been fully implemented

Part one of three with Faizel Ismail, a former South Africa official, on the history of the Doha Round and its consequences

Politics US

Washington USA

– With major telecommunication companies behind them, the Republicans are cutting any hope for net neutrality

– While the media circus around Hillary Clinton continues, Vice President Joe Biden is shaping himself as a liberal alternative; A hawkish Democrat promoting himself over another? What are the odds?

– The U.S. is confiscating passports of Yemeni-American citizens, which the latter call a violation of their rights

Anytown USA

– Children under 12 are the fastest growing group of migrants/refugees coming into the U.S.

– It is a small victory as Detroit, Mich., stopped its water shutoffs for 15 days

– A new report uncovered an alarming rise in the number of far-right groups throughout the U.S.

– After Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal criticized MSNBC, along with other corporate media structures, for its pro-Israel coverage, she was dropped as a contributor to the network. FDL Book Salon will host journalist Michael Arria on Sunday, July 27, about the reactionary antics of MSNBC.

– Marissa Alexander was denied a chance to argue her case involved Stand Your Ground and still could get 60 years in prison

We Don’t Need No Education

– Administrators in colleges and universities are seeing their income rise while their colleges suffer from debt, low-paid adjuncts or more

– Louisiana parents in favor of Common Core sue Republican Governor Bobby Jindal for interfering with it through executive orders

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– “Natural food” in food stores is nothing but another part of major corporation’s goal for profits

– To decrease the HIV rate throughout the world, researchers at the International AIDS Conference recommended decriminalizing sex work

– Meanwhile, it seems a drug can pull the HIV virus out of hiding inside the body

The Second Sex

– Whenever women gain victories in expanding their reproductive rights, anti-abortion activists become more rabid

– A report by UNICEF found 700 million women around the world married before the age of 18; Insane

75 percent of staff for major pictures are male

– Good news as the Obama administration will be funding a study to learn more about female genital mutilation

Planet Earth

– “The steroid era of climate change.” That is what one NOAA scientist called living conditions around the world

– Are you a fan of hockey? Bad news as the NHL released a report worried about the damaging effects of climate change on the sport.

Renewable energy constitutes half of the new energy capacity in the U.S.

– The “pause” in global warming is really a natural variation in the temperature; So climate change still is real and will ruin us if nothing is done

Mixed Bag

– “Marvel Reimagines Green Goblin As Left-Handed

– Calling soldiers as “heroes” dehumanizes them. It ignores what they faced and will continue to face.

– In Los Angeles, Calif., tree planted in the name of George Harrison, a member of the Beatles, was killed by beetles

Break Time

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