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“Kerry’s Latest Reckless Rush to Judgment” available at the wayback machine

For some strange reason, “Kerry’s Latest Reckless Rush to Judgement” isn’t available at However, the wayback machine has a cached copy, here.

If Kerry had cared about finding the truth about this tragedy that claimed the lives of 298 people, he would have simply noted that the investigation was just beginning and that it would be wrong to speculate based on the few scraps of information available. Instead he couldn’t resist establishing a narrative that has – in the eyes of the world – made Russian President Vladimir Putin the guilty party.

Kerry’s TV performance recalled his rush to judgment in blaming the Syrian government for a still-mysterious sarin gas attack last Aug. 21. In both instances, the Secretary of State stitched together circumstantial evidence around the repeated refrain, “we know.”

However, in the Syrian case, much of what Kerry claimed to “know” later turned out to be false. Yet, relying on this unreliable “evidence,” Kerry pushed the United States to the edge of a major bombing campaign before President Barack Obama pulled back and – with the aid of President Putin – reached a compromise that avoided another U.S. war and got Syria to surrender its entire stockpile of chemical weapons. [For details, see’s “John Kerry’s Sad Circle to Deceit.”]

Kerry’s clown act had clown-worthy support from a State Dept. spokesperson who, surprisingly, was asked tough questions. Apparently, some of these journalists had read 10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash

It’s funny, isn’t it, that the Russians can release data and not jeopardize their sources and methods, but the US can’t do that. Not so far, anyway.

Why am I not holding my breath for the US to release data at the same level as the Russian data?

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