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645 Palestinians, 29 Israelis Killed in Gaza Conflict, U.S./EU/HRW Condemn Hamas, ‘Concerned’ About Israel

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HRW and other US NGOs have a double standard on Gaza.

621 Palestinians, 80% of them (495) civilians, and 29 Israelis, all but two of them soldiers, have now died in the Gaza conflict. [Update: 633 Palestinians (about 505 civilians).] [Update 2: Now 645 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza (The Israeli figure remains at 29).] Notice which side is apparently being very careful not to kill civilians. And yet the EU, U.S. and Human Rights Watch ferociously and specifically condemn the ‘criminality’ only of Gaza’s rockets fired into Israel, while not condemning Israel. Instead, these moral cretins just advise it to ‘please be more careful’ as it launches round after round of collective punishment death into Gaza. Are they on the same planet, do they see the same photos, as you and I?


Human Rights Watch and its tricks

It is now standard. HRW can’t offer mild, qualified, lawyerly, and half-hearted criticisms of Israeli war crimes without coupling them immediately with categorical, unqualified, and unconditional criticisms of the population under occupation.

Angry Arab above is commenting on HRW’s report, Airstrike Deaths Raise Concerns on Ground Offensive, which refuses to outright condemn or even mention the Shujaiyah massacre. Nonetheless, it may be slightly more forthright on Israel than its first report on the Gaza war, which Norman Finkelstein has analyzed.


In a dramatic statement issued Tuesday evening, the 28 foreign ministers of EU member states called for the disarmament of Hamas [pay wall] and other militant groups in the Gaza Strip.

Here is the EU statement on Hamas and the side that has killed a total of two civilians:

The EU strongly condemns the indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas and militant groups in the Gaza Strip, directly harming civilians. These are criminal and unjustifiable acts. The EU calls on Hamas to immediately put an end to these acts and to renounce violence. All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm.

Here is the EU statement on the side that has killed 505 civilians:

The EU condemns the loss of hundreds of civilian lives, among them many women and children. While recognizing Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself against any attacks, the EU underlines that the Israeli military operation must be proportionate and in line with international humanitarian law.

Is the EU insane? Why, when Gaza is undergoing the latest in a series of debased and indiscriminate ‘collective punishment’ assaults, with hundreds of civilians dead, would the elected Gaza government, i.e., Hamas, disarm rather than defend its people? And why doesn’t the EU condemn Israel’s massive bombardment as “criminal and unjustifiable” like it does Gaza’s rocket attacks against Israel? Where is the phrase “collective punishment” in the EU report? You craven batch of sniveling cowards.

The U.S.

It’s even worse in the U.S. I really want to get this out and I think you kind of know just how horrible the disinfo is in the U.S. If not, start with ‘Israel Is Killing Hundreds of Civilians in Gaza, and American Elites Don’t Really Care’, and then read this brilliant column by Rami G. Khouri:

Why the U.S. merits an absurdity prize

The bizarre role of the United States government in current events in Israel and Palestine has reached such a peak this week that someone in the realm of the absurd should create a prize for this and award the inaugural one to Secretary of State John Kerry. Washington’s quest for a cease-fire in Gaza, while wholeheartedly supporting and arming Israel’s onslaught against Palestinian civilians, reflects the frightening extent of bankrupt Arab diplomacy and exercise of sovereign power as much as it reflects the true nature of the American government’s siding with Israel.

Here is the situation as it played out this week: The American president and secretary of state repeatedly supported Israel’s right to defend itself; the U.S. Senate voted 100-0 to support Israel’s actions and ask for a dissolution of the Palestinian national-unity government; Kerry flew to Cairo to help negotiate a cease-fire while stating that he viewed Israeli actions in Gaza as legitimate and appropriate, and said that a cease-fire was not enough but that the ‘underlying issues’ also needed to be addressed.

The massive contradiction between the wholehearted official American support for Israeli savagery in Gaza on the one hand, and the American attempt to mediate a cease-fire on the other, is rationally incomprehensible and untenable. However, it is also a reality we must live with, for some reason that ordinary Arabs and men and women of logic and goodwill around the world cannot understand. That is because American behavior is beyond comprehension. It comes from the realm of the absurd. …

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