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Useless American Activists Should Have Been Delegitimizing American War Mongers, All Along

I just read MH17: The Exploitation of A Tragedy by Justin Raimondo, at

From that article,

Unable or unwilling to directly confront its main antagonists – Russia and Iran – Washington has turned to cold war era tactics (and rhetoric), using proxies to fight wars they don’t dare fight on their own. In Libya, and now Syria, the US used its supposedly tame jihadists to overturn secular Arab leaders who didn’t follow Washington’s orders willingly. The big problem with their efforts to recruit suitable proxies, however, is that quality control is lacking.

This is especially evident in the Ukraine, where Washington has hooked up with a motley gang of ultra-nationalists, open fascists, and Ukrainian oligarchs. Yet the violent coup that ousted President Viktor Yanukovich was just the beginning as far as the War Party is concerned. The Obama administration has been under attack from fellow Democrats as well as McCainite Republicans to deliver some serious arms to Kiev – as well as the Syrian rebels – and the MH17 incident may well provide the political impetus for him to do so, at least in the case of the former.

Raimondo concludes with

Yet none of this obviates the real lesson of this horrific incident – which is that the superpowers’ reckless proxy wars are setting us up for a major conflict, a misstep that could end in starting World War III.

Whatever the details of how the seemingly incorrigible American elite political class have brought things to such a dark precipice, are not the subject of this diary. Today’s crop of jackasses – Obama, Kerry, McCain, etc. (oh, and let’s not forget Hillary Clinton) – are largely interchangeable with the leading lights {cough} {cough} of earlier generations. , and we don’t lose too much by simply stating that this class of elite, evil clowns are like the Energizer Bunny Rabbit, that keeps going, and going, and going.

If you want details, read Noam Chomsky, not metamars. ( 🙂 ).


I’m not going to develop the argument, but simply “state without proof” that the most obvious thing that needed to have been done is that the whole warmongering apparatus should have been de-legitimized, via activist-citizens educating their fellow citizens, about false flag attacks, endless attempts at destabilization of non-lackey foreign countries, economic hit men, etc.

Americans who are aware of our dark and suppressed history do a piss poor job of educating the public, at large, about what they know.

Does anybody imagine that, if you went any neighborhood in America (outside Washington D.C.) and asked them if they knew about Victoria Nuland’s statement about $5 billion spent on the Ukrainian “democratic” project, or that the “chocolate king” was basically installed via a violent coup, that more than 10% of Americans would know the correct answers?

These are just “for instance” questions, the larger point being that American’s ignorance of their own government’s foreign policy horrors underscores the fact that our ruling elite have not been any where near delegitimized as people who deserve to be leading much of anything, much less the world’s pre-eminent military power. AND FURTHERMORE, IT’S FAR MORE RATIONAL TO BLAME USELESS AMERICAN ACTIVISTS FOR THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS, RATHER THAN THE ELITE CLASS, AS THEY HAVE NO MOTIVATION TO CHANGE THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR

If the American public had been properly educated via a useful American activist class, whenever any of the elite clowns opened their mouths about bringing “freedom and democracy” to the rest of the world (which lacks our fine form of government, ya see), they would be largely either laughed at, or ridiculed. That would have created a real political force that would have resulted in the election of less insane and sociopathic leaders.


I’m not going to develop the argument, but simply “state without proof” that the most obvious thing that needed to have been done is that they whole warmongering apparatus should have been legitimized,

has been fixed.

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