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Over Easy: Monday Science

Chaos is in control!

Good Morning all!

Fukushima update:

The #5 reactor has developed leaks. Yes, that’s #5. It was shutdown when 3/11 hit and has been used as a test bed to try things that might work in the other reactors.

More stories about hot ash from #3 going everywhere. This shoots holes in the story about the hot stuff being the result of the #1 cleanup.

Nevertheless, the cleanup IS releasing more hot stuff into the air. When they remove the roof on #1, it will create quite a plume. But if they’re going to clean it up, it’s needed.

Here’s a good description of what’s next for #1.  This should give us our first look at the #1 SFP.

At least one Doctor is publicly stating that Tokyo should be evacuated. It is my view that the primary reason that JG is going along with TEPCO’s lies is to prevent that. I wonder if they’ll use the state secrets act on this fellow.

Meet Dragonfly. It’s aimed at the same things that Stuxnet was. Did it come from Iran? China? Hackers? We dunno. Everybody seems to suspect a government.

Climate Change deniers have been hammering on the failure of current models to match the “pause” in warming that started in 1989. Turns out that if you factor in everything, it matches just fine. We missed the effects of El Nino, for example.

This could be good. A better barrier for the storage of industrial waste.

Fecal transplants enable packrats to eat poison! We’re finding out more and more how important gut bacteria is to overall health. Ever taken an antibiotic and got the runs? You killed the wrong bacteria!

If Twitter had existed at great moments in science. Coffee & cat warning!

Boxturtle (Things have been quiet on WIPP. I’m gonna do some hunting and maybe update the post)

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