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The Weekend Roundup for July 19-20th, 2014

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Hello everyone. Hope your weekend went well!

International Politics


– Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson tells The Real News that he blames all the parties involved with the Malaysian plane disaster in Ukraine and wishes for calm

– Secretary of State John Kerry: The evidence at the crash site of MH17 “points a clear finger at the separatists“; In addition, Kerry stated Russia must answer for its involvement

– President Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he was “seriously concern[ed]” about the fatalities in Gaza

– Meanwhile, the U.S. is unhappy about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s words on Israel’s offensive

– Pro-Russian rebels tell the UN they would be alright with access to the site of MH17 if a truce is made with Kiev

– In a deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran will eliminate its most sensitive pile of enriched uranium

Middle East

– Scholar Phyllis Bennis explains to The Real News how genocide by Israel is supported by the main government and Western allies

– Juan Cole: “Mosul without Christians for First time in 1,900 Years as Radical Fundamentalists Threaten Minorities

– Despite Israel admitting no weapons were found, the country bombed the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza. In addition, hospitals in Gaza are unable to handle the number of Palestinians coming in

– Benjamin Netanyahu states Israel is currently in a battle for its home and said there was “very strong” global support for its efforts

– Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians flee from the Gaza Strip as Israel’s ground invasion continues

– The Israeli army asserted 13 soldiers were killed while fighting Hamas, while 87 Palestinians were killed in a single day

– Eight members of a family in Gaza died in their home. Civilians casualties in Gaza grow. There is nothing here to indicate Israel is innocent.


– At least four people are dead after fighting resumed in Libya’s main airport

– In Nigeria, at least 40 people were killed by suspected Islamist extremists, which are thought to be from Boko Haram. In addition, at least 100 people were killed by Boko Haram militants in a northeastern town on July 19

Asia and Oceania

– In China, the elderly, sometimes penniless, are forced to collect items in the trash to sell

– The Thai military junta passed an order barring any media organiation of criticizing the junta or else face punishment


– Pro-Palestine protests grew across France and in London, England. In Paris, France, protesters went against the new law banning such protests and clashes erupted

– British Prime Minister David Cameron would accept and allow Wall Street firms to take control of the National Health Service as part of the TTIP trade pact

– Analysts for Deutsch Bank stated, in the worst-case scenario of the conflict in Ukraine, the region would undergo major instability with the disruption of gas supplies to Europe

– Turkey’s Foreign Minister stated the country will “remove colonizers” from the Middle East

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The World Cup is over, but the repression and the “dictatorship’s shadow” in Brazil lives on

– Uruguay may be able to get a victory for health if they win in their case against Philip Morris before the World Bank tribunal

Surveillance Planet

– Trevor Timm: “More people than ever oppose the NSA practices Edward Snowden revealed. Why should he spend his life in prison?

Financial Matters

– The BRICS call for a new development bank is still a part of their neoliberal agenda even with their progressive talk

– Vulture funds are waging a campaign against Argentina over its debt issue and it is placing Argentina is a difficult place

– New York is proposing legislation to regulate Bitcoin by making businesses who use it get a BitLicense

Labor’s a-Brewing

– There is much to learn from the labor movement for candidates wanting to run with third parties

– The National Labor Review Board will hear a case byMcDonald’s workers fired for allegedly trying to unionize XS

– New data by the Labor Department found states that increased their minimum wage also had higher job growth compared with states that did not increase their minimum wage; San Francisco is aiming to put a potential $15/hour on its ballot for November

Politics US

Washington USA

– Thomas Frank: “Right-wing obstruction could have been fought: An ineffective and gutless presidency’s legacy is failure

– Elites in the media and in government are not telling their constituents about the current refugee crisis occurring along the southern border

Anytown USA

– Gallup: 58 percent of U.S. smokers state high taxes on cigarettes are unjust

– With a new deal with unions and improvements made in Detroit, it seems a recovery may be happening; I would say it is too early to say

– In New York City, street artists, performers and more are being arrested at higher rates under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s tenure through the warped vision of his draconian NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

We Don’t Need No Education

– Glen Ford: “How to Pay for a Free, Non-Racist Higher Education

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new report found more cities are banning the homeless from sleeping in or even walking around the city

– New research found children monitored by parents when on electronic devices did better in school and even lost weight

Planet Earth

– As coal companies leave Appalachia to find more coal elsewhere, communities now have to decide how to make a new economy to sustain themselves

– A new law in Peru, implemented on July 11, weakened environmental protection of its prestigious rainforests

– California halted 11 oil and natural gas waste sites and are reviewing many others as they worry it may be contaminating aquifers. In fact, they are contaminating aquifers.

– Respected physicians issued a critique of a UN report stating there was little to worry about post-Fukushima. In addition, they warned it was getting worse.

Mixed Bag

– Good news as NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin was able to report from Gaza again

– 2014 marks 100 years since the beginning of World War I, which calls into question how society has played out ever since then

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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