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No Purpose Other Than to Humiliate and Degrade

Sharif Abdel Kouddous . . .

Gaza is filled with the sounds of war. Normally a bustling and noisy place, the cacophony of its dense urban life has been replaced with the incessant buzzing of drones, the booms of naval artillery, the screech of F-16s and the blasts of missiles, shells and bombs crashing down. There are no sirens in Gaza, no shelters, no air defense system. There is only destruction and death.

The devastation is visible around every corner. Disfigured buildings, facades ripped open, buckled over in grotesque poses, spilling their insides onto the streets: a fridge covered in cement dust, a torn mattress, a closet ripped in half. Shards of glass festoon the roads. More than 1,600 homes have been reduced to rubble or severely damaged.


Noam Chomsky . . .

In Gaza, “the world’s largest open-air prison”, some 1.5 million people living in a roughly 140-square-mile strip of land have been repeatedly subjected “to random terror and arbitrary punishment, with no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade. Such cruelty is to ensure that Palestinian hopes for a decent future will be crushed, and that the overwhelming global support for a diplomatic settlement granting basic human rights will be nullified.”

The world has been granted the privilege of witnessing one of the proudest moments in Israel’s history. A nation founded by Holocaust survivors is inflicting random terror on the people of Gaza, it is condemning innocents to arbitrary, collective punishment, it is targeting them for humiliation, degradation, and death simply because of who they are.

I’ve heard the “justifications” for this latest Israeli onslaught, I’ve seen them solemnly intoned across the US media. None of the fine American “journalists” covering the IDF’s brutal invasion of Gaza with such impressive objectivity have read damning excerpts from Protocols of the Elders of Gaza yet, but give them another day or two and we’ll probably hear that clinching justification and will be expected to clap louder.

The Independent . . .

The news of the fatalities from last night’s offensive takes the total number of people to have been killed during the conflict to 269 . . . there were a number of reports of Palestinian civilian fatalities, with four Palestinians from the same family being killed in an attack on the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis, and five Palestinians, including a five-month-old baby, dying as a result of tank fire in the southern town of Rafah.

This is not Operation Protective Edge. It is Operation Over the Edge.

Israel has plunged into the abyss of war crimes and it hasn’t hit bottom yet. But it will be absolved of guilt by the US media all the way down.

They’ve had plenty of practice at it.

Truthout . . .

Ali Abunimah: “This is happening at a time when there is unprecedented—and I would even say genocidal—incitement against Palestinians. For example, the statement from the up-and-coming political star in Israel, Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home party, which is in Netanyahu’s ruling coalition, who actually issued a call for genocide of the Palestinian people on June 30th. She declared that the entire Palestinian people is the enemy. And she justifies their destruction, including, quote, ‘its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.’ And she said that Israel would be justified to slaughter Palestinian mothers because they give birth to little snakes.”

Like this one . . .

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Elie Wiesel . . .

All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them.

This isn’t about tunnels, this isn’t about Hamas, this isn’t about Israel defending itself. This is a brazen assault on the imprisoned people of Gaza, it is collective punishment inflicted by the last nation on earth that should be guilty of such horror, it is an obscene violation of basic human rights that the whole world should condemn.


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