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Video: Ukrainian Update, Neo-Con Isolationists Isolating Russia

They are methodically isolating Russia. The intent is, as always, to empower multi-national corporations (the they) by eliminating any possible challenge to the corporate empire. They could care less about the Ukrainian people or their plight, most on this site accept that. The empire does care about the natural resources and having the ability to exploit the people of Ukraine through taxation, but most importantly to isolate Russia.

Russia and China present the last two challenges to that empire. They must be isolated, forced to capitulate to the demands of the controlling corporations. That machine is adept at isolating Countries, incorporating their natural resources and controlling said countries politics.  As a second option and by example, Libya, Syria, Iraq where a nation is left in ruins for humanitarian reasons rendering it impotent, again eliminating any challenge to the empire while serving  corporate desires.(Chomsky)

It is very important to understand that it is not an American Empire, it is a Corporate empire. If it were an American Empire our manufacturing base would not be overseas. The rules they made over the years would have empowered America, they don’t, they empower off-shoring, job export, tax evasion etc etc – all corporate friendly, all adverse to America and its well-being.

That empire will one day isolate the American people. That process has already begun by trashing our reputation around the world. Polls have us ranked with North Korea as perceived threat to world peace. At least the Koreans aren’t bombing countries on false premise, occupying them for a decade, only leaving after the corporate  empire had forced the country to give its oil to the corporations during it’s military occupation-left destroyed, not a threat to the empire. Do you think the world believes we need to be isolated?

I fear that when the story of this generation of Americans is written it will read – ” Never have a people had so much, only to give it all away for nothing and without a whimper of a challenge.” We are already there, I could not be more ashamed. Our conduct seems to fall into the “you’ve made your bed now sleep in it” category. Only we have made the bed for our children, grandchildren. very nice.

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