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Solar Roadways Is Hiring, Part Two: Break Out Your CVs

Are you smart? Do you have extensive experience in engineering? Would you like to live and work in the Rocky Mountains? Do you bathe regularly? (Well, maybe not the latter, but it’d likely help.)

If you answered “yes” to the first three questions, Solar Roadways might have a deal for you:

RESUMES: Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters, we now can begin hiring our team next month. We are already receiving so many resumes! To help us, please put “RESUME” in the subject line.

Our immediate need is for the following:
Mechanical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Structural Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer (Production Specialist)
Materials Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Power Engineer

Experience in solar, renewable energy, or hydrology a bonus.

We also need an experienced CFO.

This is the team we need to get to the next step: manufacturing. Once we get to that phase, we’ll also need assemblers, planners, installers, customer service, etc.

Send your CVs to

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