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Boston Bombing News: Initial Status Conference: Khairullozhon Matanov:

Court Proceedings:

The Initial Status Conference for Khairullozhon Matanov in the case of USA v Khairullozhon Matanov, (CR-14:10159), took place at 10.00  am in courtroom 18 at Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston on Friday, 18th. July, 2013., before Judge William G. Young. The prosecution was represented by Scot Garland. Aloke Chakravarty, also for the prosecution, was not present in the courtroom. The defendant, Khairullozhon Matanov, was represented by his attorney Edward Hayden. As had been expected, the defendant did not attend this hearing.

Proceedings at this hearing were very brief, extending for no longer than 20 minutes and serving purely to address scheduling related to this case. Attendance at this hearing was very low as few members of the media were present and even fewer members of the general public.

Judge Young’s first action was to question the prosecution as regards their consideration of the scheduling of a potential trial date for Matanov. Scot Garland immediately suggested  8th. June, 2015., citing a large quantity of digital evidence that necessitates review by both the prosecution and the defense. Edward Hayden, when asked for his opinion, stated that this “seemed reasonable” and that he had not yet reviewed discovery.

When first questioned by Judge Young as to whether he had read the sentencing guidelines in this case, Garland, rather than answering a direct yes or no, launched into a speech on Criminal Code 1001 and 1519 with mention of “terrorism enhancement.” This led to a seemingly mildly irritated Judge Young interrupting Garland to repeat his original question. Garland then assured the judge that he had in fact read the sentencing guidelines and informed the court that the charges against Matanov carry a potential 15 year sentence should he be convicted in this case.

At this point Judge Young emphasized that the scheduling of a trial date for Matanov was indeed tentative and that it is subject to revision should the defendant wish to challenge his pretrial detention. (Of course, we know that Matanov has indeed elected to challenge this. A further hearing on the issue of his pretrial detention has been requested by his defense. Judge Marianne Bowler is to rule on this issue on or before Friday,25th. June.) Judge Young expressed his concerns regarding the length of time the defendant will seemingly have to wait before going to trial. He said that should Matanov’s attorney, in the interests of giving his client the best defense, feel that an earlier trial date would be expedient, then he would be “most sensitive to the defendant” as regards this issue.defendant regarding this issue.” Hayden acknowledged that he has received a transcript of Matanov’s initial detention hearing which took place on 23rd. June.

It was mentioned that the time period between Matanov’s indictment, (29th. May,2014.), and the Initial Status Conference would be excluded from the stipulations of the Speedy Trial Act. For reference purposes this indictment can be found here:

Additional scheduling decided at this hearing is as follows: A final pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Monday, 11th. May, 2015.  A deadline for Motions to Suppress has been set for Monday, 13th. April,2015.  Government response to the above is due by Monday, 27th. April, 2015. (It is my understanding that all such scheduling is, at this time, tentative.)

Just before the conclusion of proceedings Edward Hayden mentioned to Judge Young that he had submitted a request for funding for the purpose of Matanov’s defense. The judge assured Hayden that this matter was being addressed.

Additional Information:

Immediately following Friday’s hearing, Edward Hayden, Khairullozhon Matanov’s defense attorney held what can best be described as an impromptu press conference in the hallway outside courtroom 18. (I am given to understand he conducted similar outside the courthouse a little later.) Hayden spoke of the conditions of his client’s incarceration, indicating that Matanov is finding his solitary confinement “stressful”, but that he is “getting through it”, although he went on to add that he, (referring to his client), “did not know what he would be like by June, 2015.” It was indicated that should Matanov’s condition “deteriorate to the point of being uncommunicative”, that his attorney would find it necessary to “take steps to address the conditions” of his client’s incarceration.

Edward Hayden stated that he had received discovery and gestured to indicate that it’s physical volume exceeded a 12 inches in depth. Although he admits to not having had opportunity to review this discovery, he described having opened a file at random and viewed a photograph of his client and another individual posing in front of a flag. Members of the mainstream media who were present asked if this was the already discussed photo of Matanov and Tamerlan Tsarnaev posed before the “Black Flag.” Hayden declined to elaborate, stating that he had “already been admonished.” (?) At this point a member of the msm said that should this be the case, she had heard it compared to “posing before the Swastika” Following this remark the “impromptu press conference” rapidly concluded. It should be noted that Matanov’s former attorney, Paul Glickman, was in attendance at the status conference and also in the hallway outside the courtroom. He expresses a wish to “help” his former client.

The remaining information I have to share was provided to me by sources who were only prepared to speak with me on condition of anonymity. I have no reason to doubt my source’s credibility and would not post this info if I had any such doubts as it is not my intention to misinform.

Some one who claims to be acquainted with Khairullozhon Matanov agreed to share with me their impressions as regards this young man. This person described Matanov to me as being, “personable, charming, caring, professional and conscientious.” They related to me an occasion upon which Manatov was able to show them a photograph of his, (then), 4 week old nephew and described his joy and enthusiasm in regard to this new member of Matanov’s extended family, whom, it is claimed, said he “loves kids.” This person confirmed for me that Matanov readily admitted his acquaintance with the Tsarnaev brothers in the days following the bombing of the Boston Marathon, but denied that this was in any way “bragging”, as has been stated by the msm. They also confirmed for me that KM contacted the police concerning his acquaintance with the Tsarnaev brothers before they contacted him.

Lastly, it is said that anyone calling Plymouth County Jail to inquire about Matanov’s welfare is left “on hold” for lengthy periods of time and that such a call is often disconnected before being addressed. Although donations are being made to his commissary account this funding is said to be seemingly slow in being credited to his account. I am given to understand that there has been at least one occasion when KM was unable to make a desired purchase due to “lack of funds.” Lastly, he has been unable to complete procedure in regard to his visitor’s list in order to gain approval. No effective help seems to have been offered to Manatov in order to achieve this and to date he has been unable to receive any social visits.

Thanks to Josephina for the link to Matanov’s indictment and also to those sources who were prepared to speak with me. I am indeed most grateful for your input.



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