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410 Palestinians, 5 Israelis Killed in Gaza Conflict; Media Disinfo or No Info

342 [updated to 410; see comment 71] Palestinians (80% of them civilians) and 5 Israelis (2 of them civilians) have now died during Israel’s assault on Gaza. The news report notes the following:

The increasing number of children killed in the conflict is causing a growing outcry, with a joint statement from the NGOs War Child and Defence for Children International saying more children had been killed than militants.

Tens of thousands protested Israel’s actions in London, but the BBC decided to say nothing about it (it did eventually write something about the protest, here), according to the Respect Party website (screenshot provided). Neither did Murdoch’s Sky News, but that’s not surprising.

Were/are there any pro-Palestinian, antiwar protests in the U.S. this weekend? [Update: Yes! See comments 4 and 5 below. Thanks CTuttle and maryminIL.]

And the French government banned pro-Palestinian protests in Paris this weekend and recommended they be banned across the country. If you’re thinking of protesting in Paris, remember that protests supporting Israel’s war are not banned, and check this out:

Attending an illegal demonstration is punishable by a year in prison, and a €15,000 fine – a penalty which rises to a three year sentence and a €45,000 fine if a demonstrator covers their face to avoid being identified.

Meanwhile, publicising an illegal demonstration on social media can lead to a year-long prison sentence, and a €15,000 fine. This increases to seven years and a 100,000 fine if the post sparks violence.

The official reason is fear of violence. (The ban was rightfully defied by courageous protesters.) Maybe if the police had arrested JDL thugs they watched being violent last Sunday near a synagogue (the source is mainstream marginal, but watch the video; the ‘JDL’ is essentially the French branch of a violent U.S. organization) there wouldn’t have been any fear of violence this weekend. Meanwhile, the JDL-instigated violence has been converted into anti-Semitic violence in the official French/U.S. ‘reality’. (See Mondoweiss’s Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism.)

At the tail end of the Paris protest ban news report:

False reports following last [Sunday]’s protests claimed that pro-Palestinian demonstrators had damaged synagogues during the rally, but it later emerged none of the religious buildings had been targeted.

A judicial inquiry is to be launched into the false allegations.

Never can have enough of that good old disinformation! Here’s hoping the judicial inquiry results are publicized as loudly as the false charges.

For those who want to know more on the context of Israeli violence against Gaza and Gaza’s violent response, “This detailed map of Gaza helps explain the conflict.” If you want to know what it’s like to live in Gaza right now, view “Shocking video shows rocket striking apartment block in Gaza City causing huge explosion.”

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