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Cartoon Friday Watercooler: Chainsaw Richard


A young man wielding a chainsaw attacks a blood covered woman reaching for an axe.

OK, but Ramses was expecting a bit more burly …

It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

Do you want to see a burly man with chainsaws? I want to see a burly man with chainsaws.

How far would you go to sneak into the movies? Not as far as Ramses and Tiny Ghost go tonight in their attempt to see Chainsaw Richard.

This cartoon is from Cartoon Hangover, YouTube publishers of great animation like Bravest Warriors and Bee & Puppycat.

It was created by Christopher Reineman, who also does a similarly weird and spooky webcomic called Feel Afraid.

Seen any good cartoons lately? Or tell me about what you’re watching on TV these days.

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Image by Joseph Vasquez released under a Creative Commons license.

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Kit OConnell

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