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UPDATE Malaysia Airlines Plane Reportedly Shot Down on Ukraine-Russia Border

In the minutes, hours and days to come you will be reading a lot about this story. This is a tragedy with the loss of multiple lives that will effect thousand of people’s families and friends. There will be a lot of speculation, incomplete information and conflicting reports. My friend Dave Johnson often reminds me that people who closely follow the news with a critical eye notice how it is shaped, spun and redirected.

We will be told not to speculate without enough information, while all the experts and both ‘fair and balanced’ broadcasters and journalists WILL speculate. Even people we respect will offer opinions based on certain biases. This is a chance to watch for them. Maybe even to point them out.

Here is the Google News headlines and links as off 9:29 PST:

Malaysia Airlines Loses Contact With Passenger Plane Over Ukraine ABC News

Malaysia Airlines passenger jet reportedly shot down in Ukraine 

Passenger jet reportedly crashed in Ukraine 

Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border – live 

FTSE 100 falls on Russian sanctions and Malaysian plane crash 

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: Live updates as passenger jet comes down in …

Ukrainian Air Force

Realtime Coverage

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Shooting Down Fighter Jet
Wall Street Journal – ?27 minutes ago?

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Crashes in Ukraine, Reports Say – ?2 minutes ago?

Ukraine accuses Russia of downing plane; Moscow attacks new sanctions Los Angeles Times

Ukraine says Malaysian airliner shot down, 295 dead -agency Cyprus Mail

Ukraine’s president say his nation did not shoot at any airborne targets; Minneapolis Star Tribune


Malaysian airliner crashes in east Ukraine –

Malaysia Airlines Loses Contact With Plane Over Ukraine KUOW

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Crashes in Ukraine, Reports Say – ?2 minutes ago? 

Here are a few questions that will come up in maybe 24 or 48 hours. I don’t want to minimize the tragic loss of life, but that will not stop Fox News from working hard to pin this on liberals, Obama, Hillary Clinton or John Kerry.

1) How does this help John McCain? In his comments about Foreign policy? (UPDATE. John McCain just appeared on CNN at 10:30 PM)
2) What did Obama know about this? Did his failure to act in the Ukraine crisis help this happen?
3) Isn’t this just a distraction from Benghazi? (Three to five days for this one, I’m starting the clock.)

5) Has John Kerry responded? Hillary? Why are they always so slow to respond when it involves Obama’s failures in foreign policy?

If you were Roger Allies what spin would you suggest your anchors use on this news piece to attack liberals, the White House and Hillary Clinton?

If you compare headlines then substance and analysis as the story develops you will see how Fox New, Limbaugh and the RW media move the needle away from the issues there and move them to the issues here. They will be asking, ‘How does this effect the November election of Obama? That is how it is done by the grandmaster of deception to further his agenda.

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