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Portrait of Rand Paul

Is Rand Paul’s opposition to the AUMF just another political game?

Today and in the national media and on the internet, much angst and anger has been expressed when it comes to domestic priorities and related spending habits and where and when it occurs, has been well-etched into our minds among those of us from here in the Sonoran Desert.

However, this ‘new’ national attention is moving into the direction of foreign policy. Take, for example, the attention on Rand Paul and his view of American isolationism when contrasted with the over-espoused model by America’s vast multitude of warmongers.

Unfortunately, for Senator Rand Paul and his tendentious lack for “repeal and replace” to the Authority to Use Military Force Resolution, is simply recognized as just another of the many and prevalent ‘head fakes’ in public policy among the Right and among the conservative Democrats.

And for those of us here in the Sonoran Desert, we recognize that America’s foreign policy for these past fifty and sixty years, will be a considerable boon to the historians of the future. And equally important, is the “shenanigans” in white America in espousing their support for the AUMF in 2003. To wit, 90% of whites supported this AUMF while simultaneously, 90% of brown America was opposed to this AUMF.

And from therein, America “changes” ’monumentally’ given that during the next thirty years, the Big Clock keeping ticking.  Thusly, unsurprising, will be the next National Monument in the nation’s capitol Mall and known as the Monument to Criminal Stupidity. To date, over five thousand names have been compiled and the “names” will be found on this monument.

Now, do we “need” another AUMF that directly supports America’s foreign policy, far and beyond today’s small-minded AUMF?

Oh Hell, I forget to mention above, that no one in either chamber of Congress is advocating for the termination of the existing AUMF. Perhaps, only when white America no longer has its hand on the purse strings of the taxpayer’s monies, can we terminate our Big Clock? As such, will brown America “do worse” than white America?

Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons.


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