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President “F**k You Peasants” Says, “I Can’t Be Bothered With You Anymore!”

Obama, smiling with arms folded

Obama is increasingly open about courting the wealthy.

The title really is necessary. What can one say to this jaw-dropping, stunning example of the narcissism of the worst president in history (of anywhere, never mind the United States).

In a summer when the president is traveling across the country meeting with ordinary Americans under highly choreographed conditions, the Rome dinner shows another side of Mr. Obama. As one of an increasing number of late-night dinners in his second term, it offers a glimpse into a president who prefers intellectuals to politicians, and into the rarefied company Mr. Obama may keep after he leaves the White House.

Sometimes stretching into the small hours of the morning, the dinners reflect a restless president weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying with the rich and celebrated. Freewheeling, with conversation touching on art, architecture and literature, the gatherings are a world away from the stilted meals Mr. Obama had last year with Senate Republican leaders at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington.

Is it that a country like America deserves a president like this? He is in some ways in tune with the “exceptionalist” idiocy displayed by many of his victims, still convinced that if there’s someone below them they can kick down on, then they themselves are doing okay. But the F**k You Peasants-in-Chief displays sneering contempt for pretty much everyone these days. If ever there was an illustration of what the .01% problem is about, then here it is. You can only think of the French monarchy in the late 18th century. But at least the French (the cheese eating surrender monkeys) had the stomach and the guts for a fight. How thoroughly inappropriate their gift of that statue now seems. Suggestions please for a more appropriate monument to modern US society.

So remember. As the remaining year and a bit of this hellspawn presidency rolls on, as serial incompetence reaches ever more preposterous levels, as corruption grows rife, and is quite publicly displayed to be unpunished, as massive criminality becomes the normal mode of governance, as the United States is abandoned by the civilized world as an irredeemable, nightmarish dystopia that must be kept a sharply-pointed stick’s length away at all times, and as your domestic “freedoms” are replaced by 24 hour a day repression, remember, your president enjoyed fine dining and excellent company in europe’s finest salons, in a display of foppish, dilettantism worthy of the very worst of the 18th century. And he has one constant message for you. F**k you peasants. You aren’t worth my time. Oh, and remember. Don’t be cynical. Be “hopey”. As he delivers those last two lines, you may notice him bursting into fits of evil laughter.

Thanks to zerohedge once more.

Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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