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Video: Congressman 9/11 Disclosure Bombshell- “release the Kracken”

The infamous, redacted, 28 pages of the 9/11 commission propaganda report. One of the co-chairs of the committee refused to sign off on the commission’s report because these 28 pages were redacted.  That chairs issue has always been Saudi involvement in 9/11. His concerns were directed at the funding sources involved in 9/11. The report concluded that the financing issue was not relevant. Not relevant!  Yes, and not a peep from the sheeple.

I have always been perplexed and dismayed by the reaction of the  American people as it related to their being presented with the magic bullet theory. How could they have been such sheeple to accept that theory? On an issue with such mass ramifications. I found things like Dan Rather, all news people, making knowingly false statements that would dramatically mislead the populace. It was more understandable how they were misled.

We have the internet.

On 9/11 the american people’s interest in issues like- Who financed 9/11?  is non-existent, it just is not important- but it is. That same Saudi mechanism is fueling the violence and instability in Syria/Iraq. It is the same terrorist  funding mechanism that the government holds out as the need to let your roads, schools and standard of living deteriorate because of  need to fight the terrorists.

On second thought, your right, it should not bother me that the sheep are grazing so peacefully and they should not be bothered with a feeling of  any civic duty to understand that the issue exists. As a part of the solution rather than part of the problem thing.

I would like to see that 28 pages, but then again, I’m not a sheeple.


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