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The Roundup for July 11th, 2014

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Enjoy the soft, tranquil sounds of Isaac Shepard on this Friday. Enjoy your weekend as well!

International Politics


– Journalist Gareth Porter explains on The Real News how unlikely a deal between Iran and the P5+1 will be implemented by July 20 due to conflicts; Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry calls for Iran to make “critical choices

– Juan Cole: “Stop Saying ‘If X fired Rockets at U.S.’: It’s Racist, & assumes we’re Colonial

– Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel states he is aware of Russian and Iranian presence in Iraq, but stated the U.S. would not offer similar support with both nations

Middle East

Part three of four with economist Shir Hever who explains Israel’s position when selling tools of surveillance and repression to countries with socio-economic problems

– Journalists Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah talk about the manipulation carried out by the Israeli government after the deaths of three Israeli teenagers

– Moreover, there have been Jewish voices in Israel denouncing such violence by Israel against Palestine and worldwide protests

– In northern Iraqi, the Kurds took over two oilfields and left the coalition government, to the dismay of the Iraqi government

– The Israeli Defense Force stated it was told by the Netanyahu administration to “hit Hamas hard” as more than 100 Palestinians died so far

– Benjamin Netanyahu: We will not listen to international calls to stop our attacks in Gaza; Ugh, repugnant little creature

– Ali Abunimah: “Israeli commander declares ‘holy war’ on Palestinians


– To combat illegal migration, Libya suggested a partnership with the EU government

Asia and Oceania

– Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing forth a new budget for the nation that includes things neoliberals would love


– The German suspect in German custody might have spoken with State Department officials rather than CIA officials as originally thought

– The tragedy occurring in Europe is the reaction to the faults of capitalism is to turn to far-right forces that openly excluded the marginalized

– In clashes with pro-Russian separatists, 23 Ukrainian soldiers were killed

– The European Union, on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, has sided with Israel by restating their talking points

– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an warns Israel if actions in the Gaza Strip continue, there would be no normalization of ties between Turkey and Israel

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A Cuban ex-guerrilla who fought alongside Che Guevara in the Cuban Revolution will be an economic adviser for Venezuela

– A law student is safe and recovering after a right-wing mob tried to lynch him in Venezuela a few months ago

Surveillance Planet

– With the NSA’s surveillance programs jeopardizing online security, there are efforts for users to protect themselves

– British Prime Minister David Cameron pushes forth a draconian surveillance law in Parliament

– The Obama administration knew in advance the British government would be destroying the Guardian’s hard drives last year. Natasha Lennard has more here.

– Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff stated diplomatic relations with the U.S. were smooth and did not blame them for spying on her; Things must be very bad in the Rousseff government for this to happen

Financial Matters

– Gallup: 45 percent of Americans are spending more this year than last year, but only for essential items

– For Africa to truly be in control of its economic destiny, it must break with the capitalist forces in the Global North

– Amazon sought out approval from the U.S. in order to test its commercial drones

– Very interesting to see advertisers spend about the same on social media advertisements for the World Cup as they do for Super Bowl TV commercials

Politics US

Washington USA

– David Sirota: “Corporate Welfare’s Quiet Enablers: How Democrats Pander to Big Business

– The U.S. Border Patrol stopped transfer of migrant children to California

– A judge ruled the GOP in Florida illegally redistricted [gerrymandered] to help Republicans

Anytown USA

– Gallup: 72 percent of Muslims approve of President Obama (the highest), while only 18 percent of Mormons approve (the lowest)

A short piece by Glen Ford on the re-emerging power mercenaries have in our world

– In New York City, protesters gathered to demonstrate against the brutality of Israel against Palestinians

– A draconian voting act in North Carolina is considered quasi-Jim Crow, but a court case will decide if its effects will go beyond North Carolina with the Voting Rights Act 

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Today is the second annual National Gay Blood Drive, which is to raise awareness of the draconian ban by the FDA on gay men donating their blood; Considering we have a shortage of blood, I do not understand why this ban still exists

– Two CDC labs were closed down after three serious security breakdowns, including ab previously unreported case involving a virulent bird flu virus

The Second Sex

– A very well-written article about a woman’s experience with abortion and its lessons in contemporary times (especially after the atrocious Hobby Lobby decision)

A new study found people who believe women are promiscuous also believe they rely on men for money

Planet Earth

A new study found wealthy Republicans are the most likely to deny climate change exists due to their economic interest in ensuring it does not exist

– With more than 500 rhinos poached so far this year, it may surpass the previous year’s poaching numbers

Mixed Bag

– After it was found the HIV virus reemerged in a child who years ago was considered cured, it jeopardized efforts for the new treatment for HIV

– With LeBron James back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it could jeopardize the 2016 GOP convention if the Cavaliers make it to the playoffs. Go Cavaliers! All the way to the NBA Finals!

– Unsure if you have seen this, but FDL is raising money to send to the Detroit Water Brigades to provide water for Detroit residents

Break Time

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