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Late Night: If Not Now, When?

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I know that for many years, Israel has served as a necessary evil for the American foreign policy elite; when you want somebody to help in any nefarious pursuit, they’ve always been mensches. Reagan tapped them for arms sales, Nixon for war support, and everyone else for Police State pointers. But really, is it worth it anymore?

As DSWright wrote earlier today, it is time to defund at a minimum, then sanction and divest their racist pants off, but the likelihood of such a thing happening is on par with seeing a kosher pig fly past your window. Israel is now so inextricably tied to the American right and its similarly eliminationist goals here that we just can’t get rid of it. Maybe if they burned a random Palestinian teen alive and the police then beat his younger American cousin nearly to death on video and then held the victim in custody for some manufactured crime? Uh, nope.

Or what if they then bombed whatever is left in Gaza that wasn’t already rubble into more rubble, with fanboys (and girls!) watching the spectacle from the surrounding hills?

That’d also be no.

Why? Well, because what is happening now is no surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and that includes Sheldon Adelson, Dick Cheney, and many even lesser lights who police the borders of national dialogue. The “audience” for such bloodthirsty Islamophobia both in Israel and here at home is decidedly not those affected by it enough to notice.

Just like the War on Terror, the ongoing war on the Palestinians is merely a shiny object to get ordinary people to look the other way as the respective and overlapping oligarchies of both countries loot the treasury and trample civil liberties. And so what If a whole lot of people die (there) or rot in jail (here), that’s just icing on the cake. The next potentially uppity peasant will learn to STFU.

And even if I had the slightest faith that President Obama might, in view of the current situation, join the civilized world and tell Israel to take a hike (which I don’t), he is simply too cowardly to do so. Worse, very few Democrats would even back him up against the inevitable Republican charges of Nazism and whatnot.

Decades of Pro-Israel UN vetoes that shamed us as a country, coupled with a media and establishment committed to concealing from the public what Israel has been becoming for fifty years, has led us to this pass, all are equally committed to its continuation. No facts on the ground will change this, because both Israel and the US share a common enemy that indeed poses an existential threat: Democracy.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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