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Justice Dept Will Not Investigate CIA Spying On Congress, UK Gov Destroys CIA Rendition Files

One of the reasons the CIA and other US intelligence services can operate continuously, even after being repeatedly caught breaking America’s most dearly held laws, is the lack of consequences. The CIA, NSA, and US intelligence community in general is allowed to wage endless war on American democracy and face no official response because they are essentially above the law.

If that somehow was not clear after the torture program and NSA officials lying publicly under oath before Congress, it should be now.

After numerous public reports about the CIA spying on members of Congress and their staff in relation to an inquiry into the CIA torture program, the Department of Justice has claimed there was not “sufficient evidence” to even investigate the allegations. So yes, spying on Congress is acceptable now for the CIA – who is regulating who?

Meanwhile, the UK government claims it “accidentally destroyed” files related to an investigation into the CIA rendition program. The documents related to the UK’s role in the CIA rendition program were allegedly ruined by mistake.

The British government’s problems with missing files deepened dramatically when the Foreign Office claimed documents on the UK’s role in the CIA’s global abduction operation had been destroyed accidentally when they became soaked with water

The claim comes amid media reports in the US that a Senate report due to be published later this year identifies Diego Garcia as a location where the CIA established a secret prison as part of its extraordinary rendition programme. According to one report, classified CIA documents state that the prison was established with the “full cooperation” of the UK government.

Accidentally soaked in water? This is just getting ridiculous.

So the CIA will once again get away with breaking the law thanks to their accessories before and after the fact in the US and UK establishments. Given this dynamic, what are the odds they break the law again?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.