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Old Growth Trees in Humboldt County

Watercooler solidarity: A new direct action campaign seeks to protect old growth trees in Northern California.

Tonight’s video is “7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True” from ASAPScience.

Earth First! reports on a new ongoing blockade against logging in the old growth forest near the Mattole River in Northern California.

A blockade was deployed on a logging road in the Mattole forest yesterday morning, preventing the extraction of over 1,000 acres.of old-growth forest

There has been communication between the company and the blockaders, but efforts to remove the technically complicated monopod-tripod complex had not been made as of last contact with the forest defense team.

This marks the second action in as many weeks. Last week a tree sitter going by the name Skunk climbed into the canopy, insisting, ‘Our main demands to Humboldt Redwood Company are very simple—don’t cut unlogged forest, and don’t cut old-growth. This road threatens to destroy forest that has never been logged before, and will pave the way for logging even more important habitat if the community does not rise up to stop it.’

Bonus: 23 Amazing Things America Would Be Missing Without Queer People, via Huffington Post Gay. Thanks Dana Sayre for this link.

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Photo of Humboldt County old growth trees by Lyn Gately released under a Creative Commons license.

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