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The Roundup for July 9th, 2014

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It is Wednesday folks! Hope you enjoy the vivid style of Lupe Fiasco!

International Politics


– Pew: Sentiment against Russia is on the rise worldwide with Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East having the highest rates

– It gets worse for the U.S. as Germany arrested another alleged spy working for the U.S.

Middle East

– A discussion on The Real News about how the media in Israel is working in coordination with the military on the situation in Gaza

– Max Blumenthal: “Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy

– Meanwhile, Netanyahu told the military to augment its assault into the Gaza Strip even though at least 47 Palestinians have died so far

– Moreover, in response to the brutal response by Israel, Palestinians are using non-violence to respond

– Part one of five with economist Shir Hever on growing up as a privileged individual in Israel

– I previously reported on the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant smuggling oil for profits. Here are the specifics: They smuggle 100 tanker trucks of oil from two fields per day

– A UN report found violence increasing in the first six months in Afghanistan


– Gallup: 95 percent of Nigeria agree that Boko Haram is a major threat to the country

Asia and Oceania

– The U.S. and China were in the middle of their diplomatic talks over volatile issues, yet were able to sign deals on climate change


– Amnesty International says current policies by the EU on migration jeopardizes their safety

– Seeing what the Israel lobby can do in France exposes their ruthless power in ensuring rational opinions are excluded and irrationality is embraced

– A Ukrainian pilot was charged by Russian authorities for the deaths of two Russian journalists after being captured by separatists

– To stop foreigners from fighting with ISIS and other such groups, France is considering a six-month ban on travel to Iraq and Syria

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Dave Zirin: “Losing to Germany Wasn’t Actually the Worst Thing to Happen to Brazil This World Cup

– Journalist Jason Leopold reports on Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Brazil, for the World Cup, to give Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff documents on dissidents under the Brazilian dictatorship who were tortured by the government

Surveillance Planet

– After The Intercept reported on the NSA’s surveillance efforts in the Bahamas, the reaction there has been mixed across society

– Natasha Lennard: “The NSA’s Racist Targeting of Individuals Is as Troubling as Indiscriminate Surveillance

– The White House announced this racist language by the NSA is “unacceptable” and must be changed; This is not a few bad apples, White House, this is what you push every single day

Financial Matters

– Those on Wall Street are trying to use rental properties for their gains, but they don’t know how to

– The federal government is giving $2 trillion to the rich in our society, which they feel, based on trickle-down free market invisible hand lift your bootstraps Reaganomics economics, should be hidden in tax havens

– To save face, Amazon offered authors of Hachette Books all of their profits from book sales

– The Federal Reserve is considering ending its stimulus program through quantitative easing by October

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Sarah Jaffe: “The Limitations and Possibilities of Student-Labor Coalitions

– In Lebanon, domestic workers, most from other countries, have been suffering from abuses and even been killed. The worst of it is barely covered in the media and they aren’t protected by the government.

Politics US

Washington USA

– We know the consequences of anti-gay organizations, but what does it say about a Democratic administration when they allow taxpayer money to fund such organizations?

– Journalist Michelle Chen pens a piece about the latest plan by the Obama administration that does not address the causes forcing children to leave their countries

– In addition, here is an article dispelling myths about what caused these children to come to the U.S.

– In a 71-26 vote, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was confirmed as the new secretary of the Department of Housing and Human Services

– To save money, federal workers at the General Service Administration are now “hoteling,” no more personal desks

Anytown USA

– ProPublica covers a story on civil rights in Greenwood, Miss., for their “Freedom Summer” series

– In New York City, arresting subway dancers is another way of discriminating against black youth

– A judge struck down a gay marriage ban in Colorado but put his ruling on pending appeal; Indiana, meanwhile, announced they would not recognize same-sex marriages legalized temporarily

– As journalist Ali Abunimah was attempting to report on a pro-Israeli rally in Los Angeles, Calif. he was arrested while talking to pro-Israel individuals. What for? Nothing really.

– A judge ruled the music group Insane Clown Posse cannot sue the government for their fans, called “Juggalos,” for being classified as gang members

We Don’t Need No Education

– A new OECD survey found just one-in-10 American teenagers can make essential and complex financial decisions

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: Obese individuals in the U.S. are less likely to be thriving and more likely to be either suffering or struggling

The Second Sex

– A new report commissioned by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) found 40 percent of colleges did not investigate rape cases

– Lucy Flores, a Democratic lawmaker in Nevada, spoke about her first abortion at 16, which is significant as she contributes to a mature discussion on what women need for their health

– The sensationalism sex workers face cannot be exploited for profits or else it will hurt efforts to help them

Planet Earth

– It has been six months since the chemical spill crisis in West Virginia and the effects of it could be felt with the rise of independent candidates in the state (The company behind the spill was fined $11,000)

– There was a plan to create a national park in Colorado but it was defeated by a pro-fracking group

– A company in Saudi Arabia hopes to compete with the booming shale gas in the U.S.

Mixed Bag

– 45 Million Gallons Of Crude Blood Lost In Red Cross Pipeline Rupture; I cannot help but feel I warned those about this

– FIFA has barred Nigeria from international competitions unless they reinstate ousted federation executives

Break Time

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