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The Roundup for July 8th, 2014

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Hey folks, enjoy your Tuesday with the soothing sounds of Corinne Bailey Rae.

International Politics


– A phenomenal and wonderful piece that should be mandatory reading as it deals with the victims not only in Israel, but also in Palestine

– The danger of using violence in response to terrorism, terrorists use it to their advantage, especially with a non-critical media blasting everything they do

– U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called for countries in the West to deal more aggresively with Western civilians going into the Middle East to fight

Middle East

– Despite the Israeli Defense Force formatting plans to invade Gaza, they are limited by international pressure; But not enough

– Journalist Alex Kane provides seven examples of how Israel brutalizes Americans without second thoughts

– Israel stated there would be no cease-fire until rocket fire into Israel is stopped; Meanwhile, 22 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli air strikes

– In Afghanistan, a Taliban suicide bomber killed four NATO troops, 10 civilians and two police officers

– Secretary of State John Kerry announced if election results in Afghanistan are not legal, the U.S. would not offer support for their new government


– In Somalia, the presidential palace was attacked by members of al-Shabab and little known about what is happening

Asia and Oceania

– A video report of British officials meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on strengthening economic ties between the two countries


– Britain follows the TSA’s draconian law of banning powerless technology on flights

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The ultra-wealthy are now in dispute over land use in the Bahamas

Surveillance Planet

– Even if Hillary Clinton wants to push herself as a person knowledgeable on surveillance, her actions show how reactionary she is

– Emptywheel: “WaPo and PCLOB Agree: NSA Does Not Comply with Its Minimization Procedures

Financial Matters

– The CEO of Kickstarter stated the success of the site would be ruined if Internet providers are able to circumvent net neutrality

– By 2060, capitalism would have destroyed the very fabric of humanity and lead to the extinction of the human race; I might be exaggerating here, but this is the essence of capitalism itself

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Last week, over 220,000 metal workers in South Africa went on strike to protest for higher wages and to demand the African National Congress stop promoting their neoliberal agenda

Politics US

Washington USA

– Another abysmal Supreme Court decision was McCutcheon v. FEC where a victory was given to the rich rather than the people; Just another part of our declining bourgeois democracy

– “The United States of Amnesia”: That is what the American public acts like when thinking about previous presidents and future candidates

– The White House requested $3.7 billion from Congress to deal with the child migrant issue; The UN, meanwhile, wants migrants to be called refugees

– Natasha Lennard: “The Hobby Lobby Decision Could Help Gitmo Detainees

– Cleveland, Ohio will host the 2016 RNC convention after beating out Dallas, Texas

– The Department of Defense studied Twitter to see how it could spread propaganda

– A government watchdog group found an increase in retaliations against employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Most Americans are struggling with their well-being, from financial to social

– If there is one thing juries should know in court cases, it is that they have the power of nullification on inane laws

– A panel discussion on The Real News detailing the problem of violence in Baltimore, Md., with factors such as the police and drugs being the problem

We Don’t Need No Education

– A new survey found that graduates who majored in mathematics or in science got a higher salary than others

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The number of civilians in China with tuberculosis is on the rise and efforts are needed to ensure it does not become deadly

The Second Sex

– At the White House, female staffers received smaller raises than did male staffers

– Senate Democrats stated they would introduce legislation on contraception after the Supreme Court decision in Burrwell v. Hobby Lobby

– Regulators are warning banks not to discriminating against pregnant women or women on maternity leave

Planet Earth

– Dahr Jamail: “Salvadoran Farmers Successfully Oppose the Use of Monsanto Seeds

– Coal companies, while it seems their power is being curtailed, have an ally in government: the Obama administration.

– A UN study offered recommendations to act on climate change, although asking capitalist countries to act in a humanitarian way is like asking a racist to take care of people of color

– Hydrofracking has been embraced by those interested in making profits and this article provides five areas where it has already spread

– Lake Mead in Nevada saw its water levels drop to new lows, showing the devastating of the drought

Mixed Bag

– Pew: Just two in five households in the U.S. have only wireless phones

– Here is the letter Nobel Peace Prize Laureates wrote to Human Rights Watch on their ties to former NATO and U.S. government officials

– There is a decline in the number of students majoring in journalism at colleges

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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