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Terry Sutherland’s Appearance Explained with New SBA Fraud Protection Policy

I have been wondering why one of the most tenured and experience Pentagon spokesmen suddenly popped up at one of the smallest agencies in government, the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Portrait of Terry Sutherland

Sympathy for the devil.

It makes perfect sense. Terry Sutherland is there to help journalists understand why the SBA needs a policy to create a “safe harbor” from penalties for firms that are guilty of the fraud that is absolutely not happening at the SBA.

Terry Sutherland is there to help the public understand why the SBA needs a policy to essentially legalize the fraud that has not been uncovered in over a dozen federal investigations and countless reports in the mainstream media. They have not all found hundreds of billions of dollars in federal small business contracts that have actually wound up in the hands of some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Commander Cover-Up has taken over the SBA Press Office to help journalists understand they need a new “safe harbor “policy to protect fraudulent firms from penalties because Lloyd Chapman is a conspiracy nut.  CNN did not uncover wide spread fraud in a federal program designed to help small businesses.

Terry Sutherland is there to help the mainstream media understand there is no fraud in SBA managed programs. That’s why the Government Accountability Office released Report 10-108 that stated, “By failing to hold firms accountable, SBA and contracting agencies have sent a message to the contracting community that there is no punishment or consequences for committing fraud.”

Terry Sutherland is just there to help the media clearly understand that even though the SBA Inspector General has named the diversion of federal small business contracts to big businesses as the number one problem in the SBA ever year for a decade, there is no fraud at the SBA. That’s why the SBA needs a new policy to protect fraudulent firms with a “safe harbor” from penalties.

I hope it’s clear to everyone the fact that one of the Pentagon’s top cover-up hit men went from the largest agency in government to a teeny tiny agency with a budget that is .001% of the Pentagon’s budget because there is no fraud at the SBA or the Pentagon.

And of course Lloyd Chapman is just a conspiracy nut with his 40 national television appearances, his endless press releases and blogs and his 30 legal victories over the federal government and his Bill in Congress, H.R. 1622.

Federal law mandates a penalty of not more than 10 years in prison, a $500,000 fine per occurrence, or both, for big businesses that misrepresent themselves as small businesses to hijack federal small business contracts.

Since there is clearly no fraud in SBA managed small business contracting programs, Terry Sutherland simply wants everyone in the media to understand that’s why the SBA has proposed a new “safe harbor” from penalties for firms that commit fraud.

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Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman