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International Politics


– Germany demands answers from the U.S. after arresting a one of their own for spying for the U.S.

– Glen Ford talks on The Real News how U.S. foreign policy will be viewed with suspicion after recent gains by the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant; You can read more on Ford’s view here

– Journalist Gareth Porter explains the latest U.S. demand for Iran to cut its centrifuges is just to get a diplomatic edge

Middle East

-Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, spoke publicly on fighting against the West and called for al-Qaeda to join them

– After the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir by Israeli extremists, violence against Palestinians grows; More on this issue found here and those behind the death were arrested by Israeli authorities

– Despite denouncing the killers of Abu Khdeir, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu states murderers have their names honored in city squares in Palestine; Not helping

– New video shows Israeli police beating a Palestinian-American teenager, reveals how the police there use the state monopoly on violence against Palestinians; The teenager’s reaction to the beating can be found here

– Haretz‘ Gideon Levy writes on how, after what is happening in Israel and Palestine now, Israel “does not want peace


– Egyptian President al-Sisi states he wished the trial against three Al-Jazeera journalists never happened because of the negative press; YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT NOT A BYSTANDER, hello!?

– Meanwhile, President al-Sisi defended the increase in gas prices despite protests by taxi drivers and responded to their outrage with tear gas by police

Asia and Oceania

– Now the Thailand military is going after Myanmar migrants despite repeatedly denying they are

– After easing their pacifist constitution, Japan is ready to get their first weapons exported

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.