Peace in Arabic, Hebrew & English

A growing number of Israelis seek peace.

Human beings and human govenments have a tendency to abuse their power. Frightened and angry human beings have a tendency to act crazy. But, in any nation where abuses occur, there will always be those who speak out against the darkness. The nation of Israel is no exception to this rule.

Murdered Israeli teens Gil-Ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel were buried on July 1 in a nationally televised funeral. As reported by Patrick Martin of the World Socialist Website:

Within hours of the funeral, a mob of several hundred Israeli Jews stormed through parts of Jerusalem, attacking any Palestinian they encountered … A Facebook page calling for violent retribution against any and all Palestinian Arabs has acquired 35,000 members, including so many soldiers that the Israel Defense Forces had to issue a statement that such involvement was prohibited.

But Barry Grey of Global Research reported:

The attempt of Netanyahu to use the deaths of the Israeli teens as the pretext for stepped up aggression against the Palestinians, and the racist agitation of pro-settler elements, prompted some 3,000 mostly young Israelis to stage a rally for peace and tolerance on [July 2]. The rally was organized by Tag Meir, a pro-peace coalition of 43 organizations. USA Today quoted one of the participants, Jonah Clarfield, 25, as saying, ‘This is a response to the racist march that took place last night.’ Marchers held hand-made posters reading, ‘We Are All Human Beings’ and ‘Light, Not Terror.’

In addition, Jerusalem city council member and peace activist Meir Margalit spoke out strongly against the actions of Netanyahu and the Israeli right wing.

This chain of events began April 23, when Fatah and Hamas announced the formation of a unity Palestinian government. The agreement was contingent on Hamas renouncing its program of violence against civilians. The Hamas leadership thus had no motivation to authorize the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers six weeks later.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed to “know” that Hamas was behind the kidnapping, and in retribution (even before the bodies of the teens were found), he unleashed a rampage through the West Bank which resulted in hundreds of arrests and at least six Palestinian deaths. These actions raised the hackles of many observers and even led some to speculate about the possibility of an Israeli ”false flag.”

But, according to Martin: “American media reports, citing Israeli security officials, concede that the killings were carried out by former supporters of Hamas who broke with the organization over its turn away from terrorist attacks on individuals.” This seems plausible to me (more so than an Israeli false flag). Still, Netanyahu chose to punish those who he knows were not guilty, so IMO, the event still has an unpleasant “false flag odor” to it.

On July 2, Netanyahu received a stunning dose of Instant Karma, when 16-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Hussein abu Khudair was kidnapped and murdered, most likely by extreme right-wing Israelis. This murder was not authorized by the Israeli government or the IDF (just as the murders of Shaer, Yifrah and Fraenkel were not authorized by Hamas).

The event made almost unprecedented headlines internationally. For many Americans, it may have been their first real exposure to the Palestinian side of the story.

Ironically, after the murder of Khudair, the Israeli government called for “restraint” and claimed to be uncertain about who perpetrated the killing (in stark contrast to their “absolute certainty” about who killed the three Israeli teens). In fact, they may be trying to sell it as a “Palestinian false flag.”

I confess I am troubled by the spectacle of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors virtually screaming for genocide against Arabs. What fools these mortals be!

On the other hand (and there is always an other hand), here is another excerpt from the Martin article:

The uncle of Naftali Fraenkel, speaking for the family of the Israeli teenager, condemned the murder of Muhammad Khudair. ‘If indeed an Arab youth has been murdered for nationalistic motive, this is a horrifying, shocking act,’ he said. ‘There is no difference in blood. Murder is murder, whatever one’s nationality or age.’

And human nature, with both its good and bad qualities, also transcends nationality.

Image by Alberto Alvarez-Perea released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.