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Cannabis Cures! Legalize Texas! Building a NORML Chapter in Odessa,TX- Come Join US!

If you are in the Odessa area and are interested in Getting involved in Your Community to make a Change, Find me on Facebook:

Did You know that it has 700 Medicinal Uses?

We are looking for team members for our Exciting Street Teams and Supporters to build an Odessa NORML Chapter.























Design your own Posters like “Honk for Hemp”, “Cannabis Cures”, “Legalize Texas” etc. Wear some Funky Shirts, Funky Hats and Cool or Crazy Sunshades……we will be taking our places at several busy intersections around town for a short time as Well as participating in Community Events such as Festivals, Parades, etc.

We are Going to Have FUN! Educating and Sharing with the Public the Knowledge that Cannabis & Marijuana Successfully Treat and Cure So Many Illnesses 100% SAFE!  ZERO Deaths EVER! Saving Lives by Changing Our Laws!


In 2015 there will be 3 Bills Presented, one of which is Medical Marijuana. Change will Only Come if People Stand Up and Get Others to do the Same. Let’s Make a Difference and Make this Bill a Reality! Educating the Community to Vote YES in 2015!



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Lydia Decker

Lydia Decker