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Saturday Art by Bird, plus Birds ‘n Critters by wd

P1120537 (2)Last week I found a portion of the thousands of photos I’d lost recently, and I thought some of you might like to see some of them.  The narrow ones are some I sized for the half-fold cards I sell in town, the large ones are sized for letter-sized printing.  Help yourselves to any you’d like for your own use.  The down arrow with a bar underneath in the lower right-hand corner will offer different sizes, choose Original, then you can right click for Save Image As, etc.

The Birds and Four-leggeds slideshow will open in it’s own window; slideshows are embeddable, but the photos often look rather too large and a bit garish.  Mine arguably don’t rise to the level of Art, but the Vogelcop Bowerbird’s seduction art certainly does.  Attenborough’s  ‘The Life of Birds’ series has a few even more incredible Bowerbird art designs, as I remember it.   Enjoy.  🙂


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