William Binney

Friday, ex-NSA director and dissident William Binney was questioned by the German parlamentary commission to investigate the activities of the NSA. Before answering the commissioner’s questions, he dealt them a shock with his opening statement:

I’ve worked for the NSA as a technical director.
I live four miles away from NSA headquarters.
The relationship between NSA and BND is still very good and important.

The complete surveillance of the society is the biggest threat to democracy since the American Civl War.

Total Information Awareness – NSA wants every information from everybody. But they don’t understand it completely, it’s prone to errors on a high level.

The whole world is in peril.

This behavior of our government ist totalitarian. To spy on your own people is the beginning of totalitarism.

It began mid October 2001. After two weeks, I resigned. I’ve spied against the Soviet Union for thirty years, but after 9-11, it went way too far.

Your questions?

Source (in German)

Thomas Drake testified after Binney with even stronger arousing rhetoric. It is unlikely that Edward Snowden will come because the government doesn’t want him to come, but the demands to call him are popular and will surely increase after Binney’s “totalitarian” remarks.

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