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Late Night: Sympathy for the Devil(s)

I'm a man of wealth and fame. What's not to like?

Last night Rachel Maddow did a segment on the racist mobs that successfully turned back busloads of immigrant women and children in Merrieta, California. The scene was not unlike Little Rock, the Edmund Pettus bridge, or any garden variety racist atrocity, and Rachel was appropriately outraged.

Things then went rapidly downhill, though, when she brought on Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson. Either not having watched or worse, not having been affected by the preceding clips, Johnson proceeded to drone on with all the passion of Charlie Brown’s teacher, repeatedly emphasizing that these brown people were being “processed,” and under no circumstances would be loosed upon the enraged townfolk.

Yes, for about the hundredth goddamn time, our liberal administration has sided with the perpetrator over the victim, thus tossing its moral authority out the window and further emboldening its political enemies.

First, even before being elected, Obama took pity on the spies and the hated phone companies, not the people being spied upon, and the pattern was set. The torturers were next in line for absolution, followed quickly by the banks, BP, Halliburton, Boeing, you name it. None of this rank capitulation to behavior any child would recognize as heinous bought Obama any support from across the aisle; indeed, it legitimized Teabagger claims of “crony capitalism” and brought his deservedly abysmal poll numbers even lower.

At this point, the administration seems to realize that if it were to even attempt to make a moral argument against anything, it would be greeted with derisive laughter, so it doesn’t even bother. The downside is, of course, that this isn’t the first time the federal government has meekly retreated in the face of violent crackpot scum, as in the Cliven Bundy case, and because of that, it most certainly won’t be the last.

Similarly, as Israel waxes genocidal more than usual, the Administration has the perpetrator’s back, and can barely acknowledge the now quite open racist bloodlust against the Palestinians.

It’s difficult to imagine what, if anything, would this Administration consider a sufficient outrage to warrant at least a little condemnation. Oh yeah, a resurgence of Occupy. That’d do it.

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