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It’s Wednesday folks. What are you doing today?

International Politics


– In response to reports claiming al-Qaeda affiliates from Iraq and Syria aim to smuggle bombs into the U.S., international flights to the U.S. augmented their security points

Middle East

– Rania Khalek: “Media whitewash Israeli lynch mobs that preceded murder of Palestinian teen

– Using the deaths of three Israeli teenagers as their catalyst for action in the Gaza Strip, Israel is furthering attacks against Palestinians; Journalist Alex Kane elaborates on this brutal action

– An Israeli official denounced Secretary of State John Kerry for condemning the death of a Palestinian teen who was tortured and killed by right-wing Israelis; Ali Abunimah has more on this here and here

– As a result of the discovery of the teenager, there were clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces

– Think tanks from Britain stated new jets Iraq has against the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant are from Iran

– Journalist Patrick Cockburn explains the problems with the Iraqi parliament and how the Kurdish region is in control

– Iran, meanwhile, suspended travel by pilgrims to Iraq because of the danger there for civilians

– In northern Iraq, which is one of the places on Earth with a lot of oil, they are experiencing a shortage of gas

– Among those in ISIS, Chechens are becoming a vital part of the militant group


– Political infighting, fear of militants and recent attacks left the Foreign Ministry in Libya in “disarray

Asia and Oceania

– In response to Japan’s decision to defend allies with the military, China criticized the move as a threat to the region


– Aleksandr Buzgalin, a Russian professor, explains the history of Ukraine on The Real News in the context of saying whether it is a movement of separatism or self-determination

– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an announced he will run for re-election with an aggressive campaign. So far, in his quest, he copied a logo from President Obama’s campaign and sought support from the Kurds

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A review of strikes occurring in Brazil during this year that show the power workers have in getting their demands heard

– Harry Browne writes on lessons about the World Cup so far and the misconceptions made by mainstream outlets; A very enjoyable piece

Surveillance Planet

– The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, a government board, stated the NSA’s actions are justified while expressing reservations on some issues; Journalist Natasha Lennard states this should make us suspicious of the law itself since it found what the NSA did justified

– Trevor Timm: “The surveillance state can’t even keep track of how many people it’s spying on anymore. Time to close the loopholes

Financial Matters

– After the “right to be forgotten” decision by the European Court of Justice, one person who took advantage of this was a former CEO of Merrill Lynch who was able to remove all negative press about him

– “Abenomics,” the economic plan of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, failed in Japan as it is experiencing economic problems

– Despite violating international rules, countries are subsidizing their steel production and it is harming the U.S. steel industry

– Amazon stated it will fight against the Federal Trade Commission on the issue of children buying apps without any restrictions

– Larry Summers, a former governmental official and elite, stated at a conference the U.S. maybe experiencing “secular stagnation.” As economists John Schmitt and Mark Levinson argue, there are policies to propel the U.S. ahead

Labor’s a-Brewing

– If you turn on the television news you would see reports of robberies of stores and banks. Yet wage theft, which in 2012 exceeded such common robberies, is barely covered.

– It has been 80 years since the longshoreman strike in San Francisco where longshoremen achieved victories despite police brutality

Politics US

Washington USA

– It has been 50 years since the Civil Rights Act was signed, but African-Americans still face discrimination in the U.S.

– After the Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius decision, religious organizations want exemptions to discriminate against the LBGTQ community

– Mark Weisbrot: “Cheney’s Campaign for Iraq War 3: Shaping the Narrative

– President Obama continues to meet with a “diverse” number of economists to discuss solutions

– David Dayen discusses how conservative judicial activism is fueling the latest reactionary decisions

Anytown USA

– New Jersey, under Governor Chris Christie’s watch, is failing in its economic recovery highlighting how disastrous a politician he is

– Cecily McMillan, who was released today from Rikers Island, speaks on the horrific conditions she faced in jail

We Don’t Need No Education

– A new report found teachers in the U.S. are working harder but are getting less in terms of feedback and pay

– After opposing high-stakes testing in a Massachusetts town, a teacher’s union president was fired

– The recent firing of James Kilgore shows the loss of faculty rights and the rise of administrative power

The Second Sex 

– The Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius decision forces reviews of lower court decisions on providing contraception to female employees

– Rape is out of control as some (a bunch of misguided men) push rape as a normal part of life.

– Throughout the country there are police officers accused of sexual assault against women and departments often ignore these crimes

– Jessica Valentin: “Tinder’s sexual harassment scandal is not a surprise. It’s another wake-up call

– Recent rulings by the Supreme Court might as well be crafting the coffin of working women in the U.S.

Planet Earth

– Indicative of fracking companies in general, one company in Pennsylvania offered $50,000 to each resident in a town if they experienced any injury and to exempt the company from any lawsuits relating to damage as a result of fracking

– NASA just launched a satellite into space to collect data on CO2 emissions in the atmosphere; And so our government continues its aggressive efforts to curb climate change

Mixed Bag

“‘To Defeat Them (ISIS), I Must Become Them,’ John Kerry Says While Putting On Black Face Mask”

A thoughtful article by journalist Ramzy Baround on what Ramadan means to him and his experiences with Ramadan while growing up in the Gaza Strip

Break Time


Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.