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Why And How To Choose Bitcoin Exchange?

Are you planning to make your foray into the Bitcoin zone of late? Well, that’s amazing since Bitcoin investment today is perceived to be more prospective than gold investment and if played right you would surely accomplish a hefty ROI. Now, as you are about to seek entry to Bitcoin scene the first thing you have to do is to look for a credible exchange portal. But why go for an exchange platform online while you have the facility of P2P Bitcoin trading with a local trader?

Why to choose?

Well, to start with, the Bitcoin exchange portals are a favorite of the serious investors. One reason for it is that the exchange sites are generally highly regulated. With local P2P trading you are not always sure about the trade security but things are more formal & sophisticated in an exchange portal. Yes, here you would need to show up with your address and identity proof for registration. Then, the centralized exchange portals allow instant Bitcoin exchange which is another reason why serious traders prefer them over P2P trading. It’s to note here that transaction rates at exchange portal are always lower than P2P trading.

One of the best advantages of opting for Bitcoin exchange portals is that these permit traders to get general Bitcoin rates. The last sell or buy price one some big exchange platform is generally taken as current Bitcoin price & it’s usually tougher to get this last rate if everybody goes for P2P option.

How to choose?

Now, there are varied Bitcoin exchange portals around but the catch is that not all would be equally compatible for you. Thus, here are some smart tips in finding the right exchange platform.

First of all, the Bitcoin exchange platform you are going for must be a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform- duly compliant to all the relevant legal essentials of your nation. You have to check out its market reputation as industry impression speaks a lot about the credibility quotient of a company. Check out the expert reviews online and the trader base of the site. An ideal one should be backed by rave reviews from experts as well as a huge trader base. It’s advised to take a comparative study between a handful of potent exchange portals beforehand before you choose your “the one”.

Then, your chosen Bitcoin exchange portal must be serious about the quality of hardware and software. The leading Bitcoin exchanges always assure premium standard hardware & software to ensure a safe trading experience. Your chosen exchange should be ready to take up the maintenance hassles against a standard fee- there are some trusted and highly reputed Bitcoin exchange portals who compensate for any hardware downtime while you are trading with them.

The other requirements are live market updates and 24/7 trader support guarantee.

You can go for Cex bitcoin exchange as its one of the leading names online when it comes to premium cryptocurrecy exchange. With a focus on fair rates, 24/7 customer support & quality hardware-software support, CEX is trusted by more than 200 K users.

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Rikk Miller

Rikk Miller