The so called “cease fire” has ended and US financed bombing has commenced. The video’s are coming in and they do not paint a pretty picture. The Right Sector has been let fully loose on the civilian populationof East Ukraine and the results are horrendous.  This first video sums it up in a graphic incredibly sad way.  Video here-Graphic warning: 5:33 A civilian hopper bus was fired upon by the Right Sector hooligans. They killed 4innocent people. people that only a few weeks ago voted peacefully for independence from Kiev and the fascists in west Ukraine. They saw the videos of the Odessa massacre and knew they too may fall victims and now we see for ourselves what is truly happening in East Ukraine. Do keep in mind that the US media has virtually blacked out most of these atrocities and those they haven’t they blur the truth in regards to so thatit fits the US manufactured narrative.  That poor innocent grandmother must have been a serious threat.


Stephen Cohen has put forth a new article on the media silence in regards to the US backed atrocities.


For weeks, the US-backed regime in Kiev has been committing atrocities against its own citizens in southeastern Ukraine, regions heavily populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ethnic Russians.

While victimizing a growing number of innocent people, including children, and degrading America’s reputation, these military assaults on cities, captured on video, are generating pressure in Russia on President Vladimir Putin to “save our compatriots.”

The reaction of the Obama administration—as well as the new cold war hawks in Congress and in the establishment media—has been twofold: silence interrupted only by occasional statements excusing and thusencouraging more atrocities by Kiev. Very few Americans (notably, the independent scholar Gordon Hahn) have protested this shameful complicity. We may honorably disagree about the causes and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, the worst US-Russian confrontation in decades, but not about deeds that are rising to the level of war crimes, if they have not already done so.



The next video shows the indiscriminate shelling of Kramatorsk on June 30. This was filmed by Christian Malaparte of the ‘International Observatory of the Ukrainian Conflict’ who is on the ground with Canadian cameraman Patrick Lancaster.  The IOUC is doing excellent work exposing the atrocities. They are also the organization who provided the documentary of the Odessa Massacre. ”


This next link gives a little insight into how bad the US media propaganda has become. The Washington Post has actually written a piece on Monday, June 30th, that paints a ridiculous picture and demonizes “alleged”….get this…. ‘grenade wielding little grannies’ who are supposedly ‘terrorizing’ the hundreds of violent neo-nazi skinheads of Right Sector battalions that are ethnically cleansing east Ukraine. Who’da thunk it? Read it for yourself. You can’t make this one up.  George Orwell must be rolling over with that one! It will literally have you spit up your morning coffee.


Excerpt , taken right from the mouth of a Right Sector member:

MARIUPOL, Ukraine — The stout matron with her hair in a bun was known as “Baba Natasha,” and as Ukrainian soldiers closed in to arrest her, she allegedly lobbed a grenade.

Authorities described Nataliya Valentynivna Hruzdenko, 46, as the head of a terrorist cell of pro-Russian separatists operating in the working-class city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine.


Something not covered at all in the US (which incidentally happened during that ‘babushkas’ alleged daring ‘unverifiable grenade attack’ was the killing of another Russian journalist on a busload of mothers who were on their way to pick up their sons and take them back from the war front. The bus was fired upon by the Ukrainian army outside the army base. The driver was shot in the head but managed to keep on driving. The cameraman, Anatolya Kayan of Russia’s Channel 1 died of bullet wounds to the abdomen. The only US news related to the incident, that I could find, told the lie that he was shot after leaving the bus. However, his final video footage proves otherwise. He was shot while the bus was driving and died after they tried to get him to a hospital.  Here’s the deceptive Reuters article:

Actual video of the event:  This is also Reuters video. Notice that the voiceover  states “he was shot in the stomach after leaving the bus”, same as the article they published.  The video obviously does not show this and Reuters provides no proof of this. We can clearly see in the video that the driver has been shot in the head so what makes Reuters deduce they were off the bus? This is pure manufactured propaganda by Reuters.


The next video shows the Right Sector operating in Mariupol. Notice that the streets are completely empty as the citizens of the city have fled in fear. This is where the Washington Post article above says that “grenade wielding grannies’are on the loose terrorizing these poor neo-nazis with machine guns. Notice all the people running out to meet them! They sure are being greeted as liberators! Not.

In actuality, Mariupol is a ghost town. Almost all the residents have fled…….to Russia…not West…but east. This is something the State Departments Jen Psaki’s sociopathic mind can’t fathom. Link to Jen’s recent presser on the matter. She has become famous in Russia….for her blatant lying,  stupidity and lack of knowledge in regards to geography. She truly represents the self absorbed, unfeeling audacity and neo-liberal lack of understanding and empathy for cultural understanding that encapsulates the US governments thinking. She is a sociopath.


This next video shows something that has been completely covered up in the western media: the abductions and kidnapping of bloggers including children and young girls. There are currently 6 teenage girls missing in east Ukraine.

This video shows a 16 year old boy who was taken from his home and forced into a car by the Right Sector…..they abuse him on camera. The Russian government is aware of who these individuals are that held the boy (he has now been released). The individuals holding him are higher echelon leaders in the new Ukrainian National Guard. These leaders are now attempting to impose martial law so they can carry out more of these atrocities and kidnappings.


This next two video shows the Kiev army bombing the symbol of the Great Patriotic War (WW2), the ‘Saur Grave’ monument in East Ukraine. This is a the monument to a massive Soviet battle where 23,000 soldiers lost their lives fighting against the nazis.

Oh the irony, as the US now supports nazis that are trying to kill Russians.

The fact that the Kiev junta is attempting to obliterate this monument speaks volumes about who they really are and falls in line with their abuse of WW2 vets back in Lviv on May 9th, 2014 during  the Victory day celebrations. Link here:  Go to the 4 minute mark to see how they treat elderly WW2 vets stuck on buses. It is like a scene from the movie “World War Z”. It is sick and scary.

A true zombie horde. Link to historical tourism site describing ‘Saur Grave’ for a more close up look at what Kiev wants obliterated.


The innocent civilians of Slavyansk are still being shelled daily. The US has completely blacked out news coverage of the shelling of the city which has been under siege for over a month.

The first video is a school directly hit by mortars. There are numerous other vids here.    safe_image.php

1:47         1516061258617221     10359401_1515992178624129_125922337061996943_n.jpg

Video of Kiev nat Guard filming themselves conducting indiscriminate shelling against the cities.

The following video is an example of Euromaidan false flag PR which represents the junta attempting to spread disinformation. This video shows ‘them” shelling the cities and blaming the separatist fathers and sons fighting to save their cities…for that shelling. They essentially are saying that the citizens of east Ukraine are bombing themselves. Once agin it’s an atrocity.

Now I want to show you what people in pro regime people in Kiev were doing the last few nights. They are standing outside government buildings holding signs and performing coordinated chanting to get the war restarted so the people of east Ukraine can be wiped off the map. These psychos are who the US is supporting. Have a look. They want more killing.


On one uplifting note, I wanted to show the ingenuity and self determination of the people of east Ukraine….you won’t see this in the US media. They have managed to get a WW2 tank, that was part of a 70 year old monument, started and operational. This video shows the true determination and great spirit of these people and I want to let others know….that video’s like this one… are why I support them fully against the fascist junta that is traveling 500 miles to come to their homes and kill them.  It is truly astonishing and inspiring.


I have had people contact me to ask where I am getting the media material from at such a quick rate and I wanted to give a little insight into that… so others may be able to help out if they wish to do so.

I am now providing content for the IOUC – “International Observatory of the Ukrainian Conflict” where video’s showing the terrible realities of the conflict are constantly being posted.

Links Here:


I am also constantly involved with the following Facebook accounts that are at the forefront of what is happening in Novorossiya. Please feel free to help out and spread the word. We are also looking for translators and transcribers to help make the material more easily accessible and wide spread. Just friend the people running the pages and let them know your willing to help if you can do so.

Having been working with many of them for the past two months I can honestly say they are truly the good guys and they appreciate Americans who see what is really going on. They know we are not all supporting our governments sanctioned killing. I am always amazed by how polite and well mannered they are…even under such extremely difficult circumstances.

Personally, I am very impressed by their spirit (which is in extreme contrast to that of the opposition), their amazing imagery, colors and symbolism (once again in contrast to the opposition) and their contagious camaraderie. I hope the rest of the world can see this and help them against the near impossible odds they face. These are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, elderly people and even pets. And it is their land. It is the land they grew up on. They land they cultivated. And the land they raised their families on. They are the victims here. It is not the other way round. Here’s a great vid showing how uplifting and courageous they really are.

They deserve their own “Manifest Destiny” and right to self determination. I ask Americans to quit looking at both sides in this conflict……..and to choose.  The innocent people of East Ukraine are being killed and our government is financing it. The US has backed the dark side one time too many and this time it is all captured on video. Please distribute widely and help get the word out so we can change ‘our” country for the better and save the 8 million ethnic Russian people of East Ukraine.

Here’s the links to all the best Facebook pages for Novorossiya.

On a final not I want to offer this song….that sums up what is being covered up. Peace.