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The Roundup for July 1st, 2014

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It is the start of a new month as the summer continues!

International Politics


– The UN stated there are more than 4,000 child soldiers fighting in wars throughout the world

– Finland, viewed as a humanitarian country, has a weapons deal with Israel

– There is a lot to learn from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and its consequences for today’s crisis in Iraq

Middle East

– Iraq’s Parliament did not come to a consensus on the way forward as sectarian differences overruled all

– Pew: In the Middle East, countries are concerned about extremist terrorism operating in the region

– The Israeli Supreme Court ruled the Israeli Defense Force can raze the home of families members of a Palestinian individuals who committed murder

– According to an official in the Iraqi government, militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant are escaping from Tikrit as soldiers enter

– The fate of three Israeli teenagers was known to the Israeli government, who refused to tell the press until they thought it was right to release it. Still the Israeli government wants to shoot first and ask questions later


– Nigeria announced it broke up an intelligence cell and arrested a businessman involved with the kidnapping of the more than 200 girls

– Meanwhile, in unnecessary spending news, Nigeria signed a $1.2 million contract with a public relations firm in Washington D.C. to improve their image

Asia and Oceania

– The current ruling party in India seeks to give more power to the wealthiest in society

– Residents in Hong Kong took to the streets to protest the Chinese government’s rule in their territory

– Pakistan announced it will continue to remove the Taliban from the country but (mistakenly) criticizes Afghanistan for not doing anything; Criticize the U.S. before you criticize Afghanistan

– The Japanese government eased its pacifist constitution to allow for a military defense of allies


– Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was detained over alleged corruption charges

– Professor Michael Hudson asserts on The Real News how the latest deal Ukraine signed with the European Union will not end violence in the country

– Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces retook a few areas from the pro-Russian separatists in the latest offensive

– A human rights court in Europe upheld the ban on burqas in France as the idea of “living together,” as the French government said, was perfectly valid

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Dave Zirin: “‘Exporting Gaza’: The Arming of Brazil’s World Cup Security

– In Mexico, thousands went into the streets to protest a new law barring cars from operating on Saturday as they say it is class discrimination

Financial Matters

– The Federal Trade Commission accused T-Mobile of fraudulent billing

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Pew: Wage gaps for workers in the U.S. are the highest among the Hispanic community

– As journalist Michelle Chen reports, a new report uncovered the discrimination, wage theft and push-back by employers against their fast food employees in New York City

– Even as Democrats in Rhode Island betrayed the working class’ demands for a living wage, workers there still are fighting to get one

Politics US

Washington USA

– More deportations will not address the issue of immigration as neoliberals are still advocated for by the U.S.

– John Kerry announced the U.S. will continue to deport undocumented children

– A federal watchdog agency says ACA exchanges still need to verify whether individuals who signed for it can actually pay for it

– Good news for Congress! Representatives and Senators can now refuse to disclose their free trips on their financial disclosure forms

– Aggressive efforts by federal agencies against advertisements sites for sex work is regressive, and aided by a subservient corporate media,

Anytown USA

– In Newark, N.J., the victory of Ras Baraka, son of late Amiri Baraka, as mayor showcases a victory for progressive

– Street dancers in the subways in New York City are getting arrested at a higher rate than before; That De Blasio sure is progressive! Isn’t the Democratic Party fun?!

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: Veterans in the U.S. report less stress and worry compared to U.S. civilians

– A recently released study found the dangers of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories as 12 years ago measles was considered eliminated in the U.S. and today it’s at a 20-year-high

The Second Sex

– Tinder, the popular online dating app, is being used by a former employee for sexual harassment and discrimination

– The tragic lives of rape victims living in Mexico who are charged when they fight back

Planet Earth

– A new study found fracking wells, especially newer ones, in Pennsylvania are leaking a lot of methane

– Researchers in Britain found that a chemical used in tofu could also be used to make solar panels at a cheaper rate

– Amid the devastating drought in California, at least the interests and individuals selling water are winners

Mixed Bag

– Chris Williams writes about how racism is not aggressively stopped by FIFA despite recent incidents at the World Cup

Obama Narrowly Misses Quarterly Performance Bonus

– What countries consider beautiful through photoshopped images of a single woman

Break Time

Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.