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SBA Magic Trick Turns Thousands of Big Businesses into Small Ones

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Legalistic trickery threatens to turn fraudulent big corporations into legal businesses.

On Monday morning July 14, thousands of big businesses will instantly become small businesses again. The Small Business Administration (SBA) will perform this magical miracle with just two quiet policy changes.

Hounded for over a decade for diverting billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to big businesses, the SBA has finally come up with a very creative solution to their dilemma. Adopt phony baloney polices under the guise of “helping small businesses” that turn all the big businesses the SBA has been including in their small business contracting data for over a decade into small businesses.

Abracadabra! Thousands of small businesses suddenly appear. Shazam! Problem solved!

The SBA has displayed an astounding mystical magnitude of slight of hand and misdirection that would make David Copperfield proud.

Every year for a decade the SBA’s pesky Office of Inspector General has named the diversion of federal small business contracts to big businesses as the number one problem at the SBA. The SBA is sick and tired of investigative journalists at NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN making them look bad with their facts and accurate data.

The SBA won’t have to take that anymore. Their new smoke and mirrors policies will take thousands of firms that were guilty of felony federal contracting fraud last year and, presto chango, no more fraud. Siegfried and Roy never came up with a magic trick better than this one.

According to the latest data from the U. S. Census Bureau, 98% of all American firms have less than 100 employees and the average American firm has approximately 12 employees. SBA’s magical powers and policies have turned companies that are 100 times larger than the average American firm into small businesses. SBA mystical, magical policies have turned companies that are 15 times larger than 98% of all U.S. firms into small businesses.

Now the SBA is even adopting a new policy that legalizes fraud. They’re creating a “safe harbor” to protect large firms that have fraudulently misrepresented themselves as small businesses to hijack small business contracts.

If you would like to tell the SBA what you think about their new magical policies to turn big businesses back into small ones, you can send comments to here.

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Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman