Currently, this is the best photo of Pluto and Charon we have


Well, the computer saga continues for me. It is certainly a motherboard problem and it is simply cheaper to purchase a new computer. I have done so, and have hopes it will arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. At least Vista will be gone from my house.

Fukushima Update:

Obama LLP still insists that the USS Reagan wasn’t contaminated and isn’t a problem. Yet this sailor died of a very rare cancer.

The Ice Wall that was supposed to solve all their problems with water still won’t freeze. This may be for the best, as we don’t know exactly how much cooling of the corium the groundwater was accomplishing. Potentially more than the water being pumped into the reactors.

Some hope to locate the corium via muon scanning. This should work, IF Tepco lets it happen. I’m one of the many who feel Tepco doesn’t really want to admit where the corium is. If this gets stopped, you can be certain that the JG knows where the corium is but doesn’t want to share.

Asahi Shimbum goes off the reservation and questions if homes outside of the 30km evac zone are safe. Short answer: Probably not.

Farmers haul Fuku cow to Tokyo to demand government look into strange disease that is affecting entire herds. Prediction: While the cause will be undetermined, it will be absolutely positively NOT related to radiation.

They’re seeing abnormal changes in birds all over Japan. While I’m sure that Fukushima radiation is NOT the cause, it is odd that none of these changes were observed in ANY surveys prior to the accident.

They have discovered new methods for contaminated water to get into the ocean. To make matters worse, they’re seeing new record contamination as many of the monitoring wells. Note that they’re still reporting beta emitters and ignoring alpha emitters like Uranium and Plutonium.

They’re finding Fukushima Plutonium up to 69km from the site.   How much longer witth the JG pretent that the #3 explosion did NOT scatter things all over northern Japan?

Google maps has updated their satellite photos for Fukushima. Other than to see that overall that photos seem to reflect reality, I haven’t really had time to look at them. If anybody sees something interesting, please comment.

Do we have the Speed of Light wrong? Recent studies of a supernova suggest we might.

Have you ever heard of  the nitrogen cycle? We’ve screwed it up, mainly by the overuse of fertilizers.

Speculation about an ocean on Pluto’s moon Charon in advance of New Horizons arriving. Speculation is fun, but we really have no data yet.

A step closer to Hydrogen fuels, using ammonia and a cheap cracking catalyst.

We are getting closer to proving gravity waves.

A superconductor holds the magnetic equivalent of 3 tons of force in a golf ball sized chunk.

Boxturtle (Hillary had a book signing near me. KILLED all business in the rest of the outdoor mall)

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Oxdown Diaries