The Who – Who Are You?

The Who begin their “Long Goodbye”…

The Who held a press conference in London today to announce the first leg of what the Rock legends expect to be their farewell tour. The Who Hits 50 tour will play UK arenas this November and December, before likely coming to America at some point in 2015.

Rolling Stone reports that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were in good spirits at the press conference. Daltrey said the dates are “the beginning of a long goodbye,” adding that the trek “will have a finality to it” and that the Who will “stop touring, I’m sure, before we stop playing as a band.”…

Daltrey told Rolling Stone that while there are no confirmed dates booked yet for North America, “We obviously want to do America to say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ for supporting us over all those years. Someone [just] has to come up with a plan.”

The Beeb added more…

Townshend said he had recently given Daltrey demo recordings of three new new songs. “Happily he likes them, so we are now considering trying to get into the studio this summer. ”

He said they planned to record in a “more basic way” than normal, taking inspiration from Daltrey’s recent album with Wilko Johnson.

Townshend added that his songwriting style was “pretty complicated – it’s more prog rock than pub rock”.

Townshend said The Who’s UK tour would include “hits, picks, mixes and misses”.

“A lot of our long-term fans are always trying to get us to play songs which are in the back catalogue. There’s a slim possibly that we might be able to have a few of those in the mix.”

He recalled that for The Who’s 25th anniversary tour in 1989, the band had rehearsed around 100 songs.

“We’re not going to go to that extent this time. We are hoping that there will be a few nice surprises for people who have seen us many times.”

It is thought that some new songs will feature on the tour…

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