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Constitutional Efforts Begin To Dovetail Into A Single American Movement

We the People have lost confidence in the leadership of our nation. Time and time again our government proves they are only able to start war and raise debt. We have a rudderless trip through some treacherous waters ahead. The People are getting visibly anxious.

Seattle-based entrepreneur Nick Hanauer just wrote an article titled: The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats where he urges Americans and business to focus on equality in society. The gap between wealthy and middle class Americans has never been wider. Americans have been gouged and fleeced for decades by powerful forces working a crooked system against the vast majority of us.

Many political groups around the country are acting to correct problems how they feel would best accomplish the goals. Wolf PAC deserves a hearty congratulations as they pass their second state application for an Article V Convention to get money out of politics with a new constitutional amendment. The first state was the small State of Vermont earlier this year, but last week they added the most populated State of California. They realize the simple truth that money has corrupted our political system. I am grateful for their efforts.

Move to Amend is also working to pass more state resolutions in the future. The Move to Amend national leadership drafted the language including a convention to propose amendments as described in Article V of the Constitution. They also see the system is corrupted by big money and specifically the influence of large multinational corporations with a personhood status. I can appreciate how they have focused on building an aggressive movement to amend the Constitution for these reasons.

Tonight Kai Newkirk posts the status update:
I’m out of jail. Released remarkably quickly – but Ed, first-time and a veteran, is still in. I was sorry to leave him alone. To sleep and back to the capitol early tomorrow. We won’t stop until we’ve won the strongest possible response from CA’s leaders to our simple demand: publicly acknowledge the crisis of money-in-politics corruption and take immediate action to save democracy.

The group 99 Rise recently marched from Los Angeles to Sacramento to protest the corrupting influence of money in politics and occupied the state capitol to demand the legislatures action on specific pieces of legislation. People demonstrated their level of passion and commitment to these issues by getting arrested when they were told to leave by capitol police. They proved that persistence in the heart of power can have an effect on legislative action.

A rash of often controversial police shootings has the city of Albuquerque on edge. Protesters gathered for a sit in in the police mayor’s office where they where some were arrested. These people are desperate for action that is not coming from a city government that might hope to protect liabilities of the city rather than the community it is intended to serve. The citizens of Albuquerque need a solution for their suffering outside this current power structure. Protesters in Albuquerque remarkably took over the city council meeting and chambers recently when they demanded an end to police abuse.

On the right side of the political spectrum, the Convention of States group led by attorneys Michael Farris, Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler, and radio talk show host and author Mark Levin just held a meeting in Indianapolis with the more than 100 legislators representing 30 states to discuss how to structure and get ready to assemble in an Article V convention of states to propose amendments.

Their resolution includes proposals that would limit terms of federal officials, limit federal spending and/or federal powers. They are passionate about restoring the model of the republic set up by the founding fathers and getting our nation’s fiscal priorities in order. As a progressive I can appreciate their efforts to control the debt and spending and this approach leave the details to the delegates to work out in convention. I believe Americans will find middle ground on an issue we can agree is an ongoing problem for us.

I would also urge all Americans to begin to voice you opinions on how you would like a convention to take place. Those legislators tinker with our right to alter or to abolish as expressed in the Declaration of Independence at their own peril. The State of Florida  just outlawed an election of delegates to a convention this month joining the states of Tennessee, Utah, and Georgia. If you didn’t like Florida election law, no problem, no election. Are you OK with that? The election of delegates to a convention to propose amendments is covered by federal election law, but if there is no election it would not apply.

The John Birch Society hopes for Congress to pass an amendment or law that would give states the authority to nullify actions taken by Congress because they believe there is a check and balance needed between the states and federal government. I personally agree with that too. Why not have two thirds of the states empowered to basically veto bad legislation? However, they hope Congress gives them the authority to overrule Congress and that just won’t happen. They are going to need an Article V convention to go around Congress.

To quote Buddhist Monk, Thích Nh?t H?nh, “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”

What is it that we find in common among all of these so-called “fractured movements”? They all want to change the system we are ruled by. We need a paradigm shift that will change our unsustainable trajectory. We the People are aligned with each other on this point.

We need to work together better with the understanding that we do have a common goal. We need to fix a system corrupted by party politics, foreign influence, military industrial complex, banking industry, crime, and the officials we rely on to safeguard our future. Everything is out of control.

We the People need to realize our own authority and we can only do that by assembling. We need town halls, increased testimony at public meetings, and a chance to propose amendments in a Convention that Congress never would. Our forefathers were smart enough to give us a peaceful means to change how our government operates. If not now, when?

The People were, in fact, the fountain of all power, and by resorting to them, all difficulties were got over. They could alter constitutions as they pleased.
~ James Madison

It is time to bury the hatchet between the right and left and agree on some fundamental changes that will revive that spirit of the new world we once had. Our forefathers were brave enough to experiment with a new form of government that provided opportunity and prosperity to a majority of our people for centuries but now it has broken down and there are fewer and fewer of us who don’t see the reality of it. Congressional and Presidential approval ratings are in the toilet.

Obsolescence – Legal Definition
A process or condition of becoming useless or obsolete.
A diminishing of a property’s value or usefulness, especially because of innovations in technology, as distinguished from physical decay. See also depreciation.

This is not a constitutional society, GW Bush may have correctly described it as just a piece of paper.  Supreme Court Justice Scalia says that the Constitution is dead and “it’s up to the Court to decide when it morphs and how it morphs.” As he hoped, we now have 9 kings in the Supreme Court choosing plutocracy over representative democracy.

Let’s lock arms and declare as a nation that things have run their course and it is time to reboot the system. Windows comes up with a new operating system every year. Why do we accept this ancient programming as the best we can do? A movement does not require a specific solution if it can support a method of arriving at one. Time is wasting, share this message and help each other. Do not wait for the next movement. Democracy requires your participation.

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Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks