Bill Clinton is the epitome of what is wrong with this country. He was the deregulator-in-chief, he is the PRIMARY cause, as the instigator who mid-wifed the destruction of  mass protections afforded the American people through Glass-Stegall. Yet, Slick Willy points the accusing finger at others holding himself blameless. The precursor to Lybia, Syria, Iraq was Clinton’s “Bosnia Bombing ”  of a group of people in which our national security interests  were not an issue. This opened the flood gates of  intervention mischief. Making war, not to defend yourself, but to force your will on others by military force. Then supports the Iraq invasion,yet, Slick willy points the accusing finger at others and holds himself blameless.(video) corporate welfare? Military Industrial complex? marijuana?  Social security(video)?

Slick Willy, the ultimate Blue Dog Democrat, in other words, a Republican. But he is worse than a Republican who openly assaults the poor and middle class while serving as hand-maiden to the wealthy.  Look at his record not his rhetoric. welfare to work? Democrat Royalty.

Therein lies my despair. Slick Willy was, is just a placeholder to prevent a real social justice movement from having any effect. The Slick part is supporting the wars while slickly implying you don’t, when it serves your purpose. Slick Willy effectively replaced meaningful legislation with words and the sheep grazed on those words even as the middle class grass turned brown.

With an overwhelming tsunami of  knowledge, voters, enthusiastically, went to the polls in huge numbers to elect the next Slick Willy, Barrack Obama. Any evaluation that would have involved the  facts at bay, rather than worn out rhetoric, would have lead any reasonable individual to be embarrassed about their enthusiasm and support for the next Slick Willy. Twas not the case. That is the clearest example of why any meaningful reform is so elusive. If you voted for Obama first time around, wasn’t the massive amount of fact enough to stop you from drinking the Obama kool-aid.

That Slick Willy is back is the surest sign nothing has changed. Hillary is the next Slick Willy.