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Come Saturday Morning: Solar Roadways Is Hiring!

The Solar Roadways campaign on Indiegogo is done, and it was a doozy! The campaign’s original goal of $1 million was more than doubled — $2.2 million flowed into the Brusaws’ coffers, enough for them to start renting production space and hiring folks right now so they can have the first production-model panels out by the end of the year:

Following a couple days of much-needed rest, the Brusaws will begin the process of hiring their initial team. They’ve already found office space at the Panhandle State Bank building located on Church Street, making Solar Roadways the latest downtown business to set up shop. With clients like the city of Sandpoint, the Sandpoint Airport and the local Amtrak station already lining up and countless more individuals and organizations expressing interest, the coming year could be big for Solar Roadways.

Best news I’ve heard all year.

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Phoenix Woman