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Tiger21 Demands Buzzfeed Take Down Video of Lieberman Slagging Obama – IMMEDIATELY!


Like old times

The one percenter org Tiger21 got more than it bargained for when they invited Joe Lieberman to speak at one of their shindigs.  They evidently didn’t expect that when the hawkish, interventionist Lieberman said the world was “going to hell” because Obama wasn’t bombing the crap out of every country in the middle east, people might respond.

Likewise, they didn’t seem to understand that a video they made public on YouTube of Lieberman opining about the state of the world was — er, public.  And shortly after Buzzfeed put it up, they wigged out:

“WHAT HAPPENED: this video must be removed ASAP. this video was used without our consent and must be taken down IMMEDIATELY. If this video is not removed, we will have our lawyer be in touch with a cease and desist. pls email me immediately so I can ensure this has been taken down.”

Tiger 21 is a network of investors who are required to have “$10 million in liquid assets to invest, sign nondisclosure agreements and pay $30,000 in annual dues” per Buzzfeed.   Evidently they don’t require remedial knowledge of how the tubes work.

In other Liebernews (oh, we miss ya, Joe) he’s still whining about how he was “treated unfairly” in the 2006 Senate race:

“I didn’t voluntarily choose to run as an independent. I was forced to do so,” Lieberman said. “It’s different. I was unfortunate to lose the primary but I was fortunate that I was an incumbent senator, that I had people who surged to my side at that point because I felt that I was treated unfairly or whatever, so I had money coming in.”

Apparently “treated unfairly” means actually having to run for office.

In case you were looking to book Joe for your next event, he’s registered with the Harry Walker Agency.  They don’t disclose how much it will set you back for a personal appearance.

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