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Howdy folks, it’s a Wednesday today so the week is half way done!

International Politics


– As in the U.S., the issue of racism against Palestinians in Israel is a topic major media outlets either refuse to discuss or ignore

– What Vladimir Putin is doing is playing a chess game and attempting to avoid war, which is different from what Washington’s policies are doing

Middle East

– Pew: Countries polled by Pew Research Center in the Middle East do not believe a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine crisis will happen

– The Syrian government announced it will join Iraq against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant

– After ISIS forces captured a border crossing to Jordan, the Jordanian government went on high alert and mobilized its soldiers

– Juan Cole: “Iraq in last Throes as Kurdistan Seeks Independence, Syria & Iran intervene

– A suicide bomber, along with mortar fire, left at least 12 people dead in south of Baghdad, Iraq

– Iraqi Prime Minister Noura al-Maliki rejected international calls for an emergency government


– Even though Egypt continues to repress its civilians and legitimatize itself with its terror tactics, the U.S. still sends aid to the country

– In Benghazi, Libya, clashes between Islamists and security forces left three security soldiers dead and at least 17 injured

– An explosion at a shopping mall in Nigeria killed at least 21 people. One suspect was arrested.

Asia and Oceania

– A U.S. official said China’s efforts to assert its borders in international waters are ruining its image


– Ukraine will sign a deal with the European Union to open markets between the two and lower tariffs

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

An excerpt from journalist Dave Zirin’s new book on neoliberalism grab of wealth from Brazil through international tournaments. FDL Book Salon will feature Dave Zirin next Saturday on July 5 to talk about his new book.

– Dave Zirin: “Luis Suárez May Bite, but FIFA Sucks Blood

– Moreover, in Brazil, the use of police against protesters during the World Cup is making millions for security companies.

Surveillance Planet

– In what certainly constitutes as a waste of resources for the community, the federal government—specifically spy agencies—spend millions to get students to be spies

– The U.S. stated they will give EU citizens the same privacy protections U.S. citizens have in light of Snowden’s revelations.

– New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued Barclays for failing to tell U.S. investors of the problems with its trading system

– Emptywheel: “Alan Grayson: Is Keith Alexander Selling Classified Information to the Banks?

Financial Matters

– The GDP for the U.S. in the first three months of the year fell 2.9 percent with the weather as the culprit

– A meeting titled “Inclusive Capitalism,” which featured global business and government elites, shows how desperate they are to ensure capitalism stays

– Anonymous sources assert the Amazon company is forcing booksellers to follow Amazon’s recommendations or else

Labor’s a-Brewing

– With the five-month labor strike with platinum unions in South Africa over, there still lies challenges for the workers there to overcome

– More on federal workers protesting for higher wages as they state $10.10 is not enough for their living. I am in full agreement with what they’re saying.

Politics US

Washington USA

– In response to what he perceives as excess executive authority, Speaker of the House John Boehner stated he will file a lawsuit against President Obama

– Gallup: 61 percent of Americans support President Obama’s decision in 2011 to remove most U.S. troops from Iraq, which is down from 75 percent in 2011

– A military judge ruled the U.S. government must release CIA accounts of torture of a detainee

– Journalist Alex Kane reports on the eight terrifying things of the recent memo released by the U.S. government justifying the death of Anwar al-Awlaki

– In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled Aereo—the online streaming service—violates copyright law and is illegal

Anytown USA

– What is happening in Detroit, Mich., is similar to what is happening in Iraq currently. Both are experiencing problems by neoliberalism interested only in profit

– In These Times interviews Jess Spear, a person who worked with current Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant, on her efforts to run against the Speaker of the House in Seattle, Democrat Frank Chopp

– In both Utah and Indiana, judges struck down laws banning gay marriage

We Don’t Need No Education

– Paul Vallas, a favorite education reformer (pro-privatization), was chosen by Patrick Quinn, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois, to be his Lieutenant Governor

Top Gun (Stories)

– The latest shooting in Las Vegas, Nev., reveal how dangerous the rhetoric of the NRA and groups like them are in America’s violent culture

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A re-released report, which was originally withheld by pro-GMO scientists, still found the same conclusions that a Roundup-Ready GMO causes major damage to rats

The Second Sex

– It is very revealing on how popular culture can shape our views on abortion, especially when pop culture frames it as negative. Yet there is hope as there is a push-back against such a narrative.

– During the World Cup, a PSA was shown to go against domestic violence, which happens among some men when watching games. It is horrific when men do this after watching a game as it only hurts others.

Planet Earth 

– A discussion on The Real News on the recent Supreme Court ruling that has both positives and negatives for environmentalists moving forward

A new report found one in 10 beaches in the United States are contaminated and are not safe for swimmers. Great news as the summer continues!

– Environmental crime (such as poaching) is now an industry making more than $213 million a year. Utterly tragic and no doubt growing as a result of neoliberalism.

– The horrific drought in California allowed for beaches to be cleansed of bacteria-filled water and saved oak trees from a deadly bacteria

– Narendra Modi is less than month into his tenure as Prime Minister of India and the Modi-led government is waging political attacks against environmentalists.

– A well in Colorado with wastewater from hydrofracking was suspended after seismic activity was felt by residents near the well.

– With 300,000 residents in Detroit at risk of having no water, the UN called it a human rights violation

– President Obama: Our efforts on climate change are making a difference although more must be done; That is extremely hilarious he said “making a difference.” Maybe for coal companies!

Mixed Bag

– When Wal-Mart responded to a New York Times piece on their horrific policies, they released a “fact-check” that right-wing sites said was great. Yet the piece Wal-Mart released was nothing but a distraction.

– About time! “FDA Recalls Food

Break Time

Keep It Comin’ Love

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.