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But we haven’t had a chance to bomb anything yet!

Bombs away! (photo: US Air Force)

Ukraine, that place the usual suspects wanted to bomb to prove their manhood before returning to the usual shiny pile of rubble, has had the nerve to possibly end their fighting before we get a chance to kill people too.

Vladimir Putin has called on both sides in eastern Ukraine to lay down their arms and compromise, giving his strongest backing yet for the peace plan announced by Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko.

Ol’ Soul Eyes is in, Separatists, are you also in?

Separatist leaders in two main areas of Ukraine’s east have agreed to observe a ceasefire until Friday, one of the leaders has said.

Alexander Borodai made the comments after meeting a “contact group” that included a former Ukrainian president, Moscow’s envoy to Kiev and a representative of the OSCE security watchdog.

Okay, that sounds like a maybe, better lob a few warheads in case this thing gets official.

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