A forest fire burning below trees as they begin to ignite

“I have become a leaf in a burning forest.”

From Gerardo Cerdas of Grito de los Excludios, (Cry of the Excluded) . . .

Working people and our natural resources are being terribly exploited. We’re up against a huge monster, an economic, political machine of monstrous proportions. It would be very easy for us to lose hope, to lose heart, to just give up the struggle entirely and say “To hell with it. There’s no way we can overcome these massive forces.

I have become a leaf in a burning forest. How many of us feel that way? When we see the flames raging all around us, the flames of corporate greed, of Wall Street fraud, of political and judicial and media corruption. That fire keeps blazing, keeps spreading, keeps consuming everything in its path because the “firemen” in Washington keep pouring gasoline on it. And every time we reelect them, they thank us by pouring even more gasoline on it.

The corrupt bankers, the greedy CEOs, the craven politicians want us to lose hope, to lose heart, to just give up. They want us to be afraid to take on the massive forces exploiting us, they want us to feel that we’d have no chance, that we will never be strong enough, that we will never be unified enough, that we will never be organized enough. They want us to believe that confronting them would be a terrible mistake, that we’d be getting in way over our heads.

T.S. Eliot . . .

If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?


The bankers, the CEOs, the politicians, the “lawmakers” of the One-Percent know all too well what they’ve done to us, they know their time is running out, they know the clock is ticking, they know what’s coming.
Occupy Wall Street gave them an ominous preview of it.

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Oxdown Diaries