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Shahid Buttar’s NSA vs USA dance track, it’s catchy!:

This track features brooding bass lines, syncopated percussion, and hard-hitting lyrics about the long history of US intelligence agencies illegally spying on Americans.

For all the lyrics and link to download the extended dance track:

Verse #1 (thought crimes, oppression by rotation)
The NSA breaks the law every day
it doesn’t matter who you are or what you say
they monitor your phone calls and emails anyway
Corrupt Congress and courts paving the way

There’s a lesson you’ll learn someday…
…watch what you say.
They spy on your mind, record your calls for posterity
Commit daily executive crimes with impunity.

They’re the authorities, here to keep us safe…
Until the boot ends up on your face.

It’s the NSA versus the Constitution
We the people are the ones our government is abusing
We can force any agency to make a new choice
When we build a movement, each raising our voice


Closing CHORUS
It’s the agencies versus We the People
Don’t stoop, don’t grovel to no government steeple
We can force our government to make a new choice
When we build a movement, each raising our voice…


Fukushima’s Ongoing Fallout by John LaForge (June 20-22, 2014)

US papers don’t often report on the radiation disaster continuing at Fukushima-Daiichi in Northeast Japan.

But June 17 the New York Times noted: “Inside the complex, there are three wrecked reactor cores, twisted masses of hundreds of tons of highly radioactive uranium, plutonium, cesium and strontium. After the meltdown[s], which followed a tsunami and earthquake in 2011, most of the material in the reactors re-solidified, in difficult shapes and in confined spaces, wrapped around and through the structural parts of the reactors and the buildings. ¶ Or at least, that is what the engineers think. Nobody really knows, because nobody has yet examined many of the most important parts of the wreckage. Though three and a half years have passed, it is still too dangerous to climb inside for a look, and sending in a camera would risk more leaks.…”
Radiation Tripled in Pacific Albacore Tuna since Triple Meltdowns
As US Agency Hushed-up Dangers to US Reactors; Fukushima Owners Under-reported Radiation Exposures
Food Not Monitored for Radiation Causing Internal Contamination


Why the Iraqi Badass Jihadis in Black Are a Dream Come True for the CIA by Pepe Escobar (June 20, 2014)
ISIS is the perfect tool to keep the Global War on Terror in Enduring Freedom Forever mode.

The fact that ISIS is NOT directly in Langley’s payroll does not imply their strategic agenda essentially differs from that of the Empire of Chaos. The Obama administration may be sending a few marines to protect the swimming pools of the largest, Vatican-sized embassy on Planet Earth, plus a few “military advisers” to “retrain” the dissolving Iraqi Army. But that’s a drop of Coke Zero in the Western Iraqi desert. There’s no evidence Obama is about to authorize “kinetic support” against ISIS, even though Baghdad has already green-lighted it.


The Highway Trust Fund and Fiscal Responsibility by Rick Cooley (May 26, 2014)

As is the case more often than not of late, Congress appears intent upon using political brinkmanship as a tool to hold the American people and our economy hostage. At stake are several hundred thousand jobs and much needed highway and other infrastructure projects endangered by the fact that the Highway Trust Fund is rapidly diminishing and may run out of funds by the end of summer. Congress needs to act promptly to shore up its financing.

The primary source of income for the fund has been the federal tax imposed on the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel. This tax has not been raised since 1993. The fact that fuel conservation efforts ( in the form of higher vehicle gas mileage standards, use of hybrid and electric vehicles, etc.) and higher costs for construction, along with the fact that many projects have been delayed too long already, means that the tax revenues are no longer sufficient to keep the fund solvent for more than a few more months.
We have experienced more than our share of trials and tribulations at the hands of the do-nothing Congress with their failed austerity and Reagan trickle-down economic policies. While cuts to safety net programs like food stamps, Social Security and health care assistance in its many forms remain constantly on the table, the real spending problems remain virtually untouched. While the GOP and even some Democrats in Congress continue to make sure that the most wealthy and the largest, most profitable corporations need not fear having to take even a small haircut, the vast majority of us are left to foot the bill for keeping them on top.
Congress needs to pass a transportation bill that fixes our roads, bridges, etc. and fully funds it by removing tax loopholes and avoidance strategies that are unnecessarily benefitting those who need them least. The United States’ devolution into oligarchy must be replaced by true democracy. Wasting more time and money on individuals in Congress and other elected and appointed positions in our government who have totally lost touch with the masses of people whom they govern should no longer be acceptable. We need leaders, not rulers, in order to govern ourselves and improve our society.


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