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Yesterday: The ABQ March to End Police Brutality. Remember, They Are Doing This for All of Us

This post is courtesy of Tweets by David Correia, Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico and Guerrilla Journalist. He co-edits La Jicarita, an online magazine of environmental politics in New Mexico.

It wasn’t until a couple hours ago when I saw the photo of the coffin inscribed with the all of the names of those killed by the Albuquerque Police Department that the tears in my eyes brimmed over, and thought that I needed to share this with you. For background, please read here, here and here.  My admiration for these folks is extreme; they are in this important social movement for the long haul; their tactics have been precise and thoughtful; their social gospel unyielding and it is spreading among New Mexican citizens, and garnering international attention as well. I know all of our spirits are with them in solidarity, both today, and in the future.

‘ABQPOLICE send undercover cop that shot Dominc Solis-Mora to our march to secretly videotape, while 4 SE impact det. mix with crowd.  His name is Jason Peck.

Bless all of you dear ones for being such excellent and dedicated citizens. We know which side you’re on: the side of justice.


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