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House Votes, Overwhelmingly, to Stop Warrant-less Spying- Dirty Harry to the Rescue

I reflexively cringe when I hear the word bipartisanship and prepare for the worse-Iraq war, Trillion dollar bankster bail-out, preclude re-import of prescription drugs ect ect. In the case present, the bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives to eviscerate some of the worst of the worst that has emanated from the Patriot Act. This event came on the heels of the House leadership completely gutting  legislation proposed to rein in the watchers.

It will be up to Dirty Harry to make sure that this piece of reasonable  reform does not see the light of day. If you want to understand politics and how it serves the establishment watch Dirty Harry on this issue. It should inform and edify us all.


Surprise Vote: House defunds NSA backdoor spying

A surprise victory late last night for the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law. Rep. Thomas Massie’s proposal to defund ‘backdoor’ spying on U.S. communications by the CIA and NSA was adopted by a vote of 293-123. Details:

Currently, the NSA collects emails, browsing and chat history under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, and searches this information without a warrant for the communications of Americans—a practice known as “backdoor searches.” The amendment would block the NSA from using any of its funding from this Defense Appropriations Bill to conduct such warrantless searches. In addition, the amendment would prohibit the NSA from using its budget to mandate or request that private companies and organizations add backdoors to the encryption standards that are meant to keep you safe on the web. – from

While the amendment passed with a large majority, not everyone was happy. The Hill reports: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) argued the amendment would potentially jeopardize national security by limiting the NSA’s intelligence-gathering activities.

“This amendment would create a blind spot for the intelligence community tracking terrorists with direct connections to the U.S. homeland,” Goodlatte said.  ”Such an impediment would put American lives at risk of another terrorist attack.”

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