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Name Change:  I’m going with the Washington Pretzelistas

When the Wags complain that the Washington Redskins should change its name to something other than the Redskins, we, the Indigenous People remind ourselves that we won this legal battle back in 1999, but mainstream media continues to neglect this aspect, for the most part.

Now that the federal agency that ‘controls’ the use of patents and trademarks, has rendered an internal decision that “redskins” disparage us in all its forms, and in particularly, the “moral argument” has become at odds with the constitutional conservatives, that “property owners” are to be “first in line” and to hell with everyone That Came Before.. In short, money talks, either in Green Form or Digital Form.

However, with Senator Reid’s latest speech on the Senate Floor, he-Senator Reid, called forth the notion that the owners of the Washington Redskins, are facing a future that will not garner any appreciation for, and in particular, individuals can now “sell and market” Redskin paraphernalia including beer mugs, without having to pay Snyder and Company any residual monies/fees to the football team or to the National Football League, writ large, Ahh, that humble aspect of Reparations.   And yet, in the long term, the other NFL owners will be making big bucks off the newly named Washington Pretzelistas (snark).

In closing, the Federal Patent and Trademark Office had the Moral Sense to do this correctly and Kudos to these Feds.


Perhaps, Erick Erickson, Matt Barber and Kyle Becker will tell me they too are Military Veterans.  If so, I will “listen” to their views on “liberty” and with the fond hope that they too will “listen” to my views on “liberty”?


 Note:  Originally posted on the website of the  Chicano Veterans Organization.



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